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Very good news for fans and helpers! Already available!

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So, we welcome everyone who helped /helps/will help with Project {DELTA}.
As the main developers, we thank you for your help and support of this project, and having coordinated some points among ourselves, we have come to the very best.
Offices have 3 "levels": fans, assistants and assistants who helped with the project before this post.
They differ in the size of the room as well as one interesting detail.
The office for the fans is quite small.
Office for assistants who helped after this news more than about 2 times.
The office of assistants who helped before this news is the same as the previous one, but has a slight difference, namely, instead of one wall there is a large window that opens a view of one of the tests.
So, how do you design your own office? There are 2 ways:
1: You either describe or sketch where you would like something to stand.
2: If you have sufficient knowledge in the hammer for the Portal 1, then you can download the .VMF files from #ссылки-links with cabinets and arrange them yourself.
What will the view from the window go out, we will decide for ourselves.
When you are finished, please send us the result and we will add your office to the mod.
You can see your office and other people's offices during the gameplay.
All offices are created if you want to!
Good luck!

You can download it on our discord server:

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