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Recruitment, we need modelers, skinners, and coders

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Currently we have a couple other coders helping me with the mod, but we all know it will not be enough since there aren't enough models out there. We are currently looking for modelers and skinners. Again, all who would like to help would be welcome.

In other news, we haven't added any planets yet but we are starting to modify the factions little by little, starting with color. The Empire will turn into the Republic, and the Rebels will turn into the CIS. Once we get most of the units ingame, we will start recruiting mappers, because most of the maps will have to be modified to fit our needs.

In terms of units, we have recently added a re-rigged AT-AP model, thanks to Nomada for his model pack containing them. Today, we probably can get a lot done, depending on all of our schedules...

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