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Have chaingun, will travel? Yes, I guess you will, with these three mods that bring you to three different semi-exotic places, all of them starting with 'A'.

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As the chill of November days (may or may not apply to your current climate situation) approaches, B.J. Blazkowicz decides it would be nice to visit some warmer places and go sightseeing. He's got a plan to visit some mildly exotic countries and get some well deserved rest; however, as it turns out, these countries still manage to be infested with Germans. What's to be done? With a sigh heavy enough to embody all the laziness of the known world, our hero tosses the straw hat aside and begins counting ammo. Let's see where we shall go in this literal triple-A release!

Afrika Korps Assault by Ian Brown, being the dominant part of this post, does not disappoint with its 24 maps and very heavy graphical modifications in the expected style. The year is 1943 and Erwin Rommel is ever the painful boil on the Allies' bloated arse. Time is nigh to put an end to this farce, but the man himself is untouchable. Instead, you're to come after an important member of his field staff, Horst von Oppenfeld. Your chase will start south of Tunis and take you through ancient Egyptian pyramids... Be careful not to rediscover places and entities best left abandoned forever.

But if you don't mind that curse on your head, you'll notice that Brown's mapping is as always solid in quality and new graphics (as well as map aesthetics in general) are rather impressive and unique. You'll see neat decorations and propaganda posters on pleasant-looking walls, some interesting outdoor textures, Egyptian sprites, brown-uniformed Afrika Korps soldiers, and the transparent wall quadrant feature sees a lot of use to great effect. Mapping is tight, with a lot of corners and pillars, plus hordes of enemies to tackle. If you don't get sick of all the brown (it's pretty common for Mac Wolf mods to be, ah, coloristically consistent, it seems...), you should have a good time.

P.S. Yes, the author is called Brown and the mod is brown too, I get it, yeah...

Ian Brown.

afrika 1

afrika 3

afrika 2

Afrika Korps Assault

Next up, Afgan (Afghan?) Crunch by Richard Peck. Finally more Peck, even if it's just one map for the Third Encounter. I'm not aware of any official storyline, but the way it's named and looked like, it might as well be a fifth bin Laden mod (we've released four of them a long while ago, remember?)... The release date in late 2001 is pretty suggestive too. Although since there are no changes in graphics, you don't fight Osama in the climax, but rather... Whoops! Almost spoiled it, heh heh. Play it yourself.

Richard Peck.

afgan 1

Afgan Crunch

And for his last adventure, Blazkowicz goes to Mexico to combat drug trade I mean destroy the Nazi stronghold held inside... Aztec Ruins. How the hell were they able to establish a foothold in Mesoamerica? Is this the leading step towards a land invasion of the United States? Or are they vacationing too? Whatever the truth, you have five Second Encounter maps where your objective is to kill absolutely everyone and steal all Aztec tresure so the Germans don't use it to pay for their war effort (so that's what they're after)... You will also discover that the famous Aztec stonemasonry ain't all that it's drummed up to be - heck, I've seen walls like that in Neuschwanstein! At least architecture is mazy and confusing, which is realistic: the Aztecs wanted victims exhausted after wandering around for hours so they wouldn't resist too much during live sacrifice. An educational trip for sure.

I donnow.

aztec 1

aztec 2

Aztec Ruins

In non-porting news, another thing pointed out by Dermuda was fixed. This time there wasn't even any need to make coding changes, I just had to mess with the gamedicts a bit. Therefore, as of now, several scenarios (Longinus, Hitler's Chalet, Totenhaus, Zerstorer, Ghosts of Wolfenstein, The Armory) were updated with fixes to door aesthetics. Previously, some of the door textures would look mirrored when approached from one side.

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