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Here’s how the new hardware from Oculus will let you have a room-scale VR experience.

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has word from Oculus that the company has officially announced it will support room-scale VR and 360 degree tracking for the Oculus Rift. The soft announcement was made at the Oculus Connect 3 conference, and it explains how multiple tracking cameras can be used to create a room-scale play space.

The standard Oculus Rift experience uses one front-facing camera to track seated and standing gameplay without the use of an Oculus Touch. When the Touch itself ships, it will come with a second tracking camera that is also placed in a front-facing position, in order to track the Touch controllers themselves.

The next two setups allow for the new functionality. If the second camera is placed in an opposite-facing position – ie. behind the player – this can allow for 360 degree VR experiences with the Oculus Touch controllers. These are still standing room only, however. Actual room-scale tracking requires a third camera, with all three cameras placed in triangular layout to track the Oculus Touch controllers around the play space.

Oculus Touch Retail Design

Oculus still says that the standard, two-camera, front-facing setup will be the most commonly used one, and all Oculus Touch games will officially support that. However, there’s nothing stopping users from creating a room-scale experience for themselves – the question remains, how many developers will support it if it requires users to buy their own third tracking camera? Additionally, this means we could see more Vive-exclusive experiences come to the Rift platform, if the room-scale tracking is sufficient.

The Oculus Touch launches on December 6 for US$199, while the company also plans to offer individual tracking cameras for US$80.

Oculus Touch Retail Design

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