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OMG (Operation Market Garden) is a persistent multiplayer only modification for Company of Heroes. We've expanded into Opposing Fronts' factions, added new and exclusive maps. We also plan on adding deep and useful veterancy bonuses, new doctrines and an interactive war map. We put a strong emphasis on balance, community, transparency, and fun. We are currently in an open Beta, and are constantly improving, adding OMG features and content.

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The Big Kahuna Burger Update

This is a tasty burger!

continues into the month of October as the leaves turn and sky grower
darker. Do not fret as we have some treats, not tricks, in store for
you. There are some big things being planned, put into action,
discussed, and/or some combination in between. For example, we just
released Company Builder 2.0. Stay tuned over the following weeks as we
have a whole lot more in store.

Changes in this Update:

  • Bug Fixes (See Below)
  • ToV Units: Please note these units balancing act is not yet perfected. Please leave your impressions on the Balance Board.
  • Population Changes: Nebelwerfer from 5 to 8.
  • Company Wipe
  • Trench Cover is adjusted, tones down the effectiveness of "trench spam" but also affects all emplacements.
  • Bunker
    populations are now in:2 pop for Med Bunker, HMG nest (american),
    Triage, HMG bunker, Repair Bunker. 1 pop for reg bunker, medic tent,
    and CCT
  • AP Rounds should be on the weapon and not the crew so they should now be usable by whoever picks it up (axis or allied)

Bug Fixes
Wehrmacht Fixes:

  • Nebel should be repairable now
  • Goliath is now fixed as it should be, has no LOS and is detectable when cloaked
  • Repair bunker should now repair

Panzer Elite Fixes:

  • Vampire HT can now deploy Goliaths

American Fixes:

  • Tanks smoke should now work for all Sherman Variants.
  • HMG AP Rounds should now deal damage

British Fixes:

  • British 17 Pounder now has AP rounds when in emplacements
  • 25 Pounder now has the correct pop when packed up.
  • Recon tommies should now not sprint in enemy territory
  • Recon Tommies should now properly detect when moving
  • Boys AT Rifles are now live

Other Fixes:

  • Allied MG Bunker should now be buildable, needs testing.

Coming Soon:

Also, keep your eyes out for new errors, bugs, and ninjas.

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