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Going over the progress that's been made over the last month.

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Well hello! another month has passed, and you know what that means. Over the last month I have added tons of new stuff to outcast.
Most notably are the NPC's and many, many models. In the beginning of the month, I spent about a week modelling xen flora and fauna, including the lightstalk, xen tree,
and the gas floater, an npc seen only in Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar.

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Several of these models are still a work in progress so excuse the quality.

Many more story maps have been worked on, with most of the first chapter now complete, aswell as the factory chapter.
Since the Antlion Caves will be the third chapter of the mod, I've also had to spend some time making some models and mechanics for a certain.. large antlion.


Back to the NPC's, this month i worked on wasteland scanners, mortar synths, and crab synths. The houndeye which was previously broken has also been fixed, which means its ready to be put into maps
to jolt the player up a bit. I'm also working on a custom particle effect for the houndeyes sonicwave. Some works been done on weapons, but nothing too interesting. I plan on remodeling the weapons that need it, like the atrocious AR1 model. The houndeye is in the process of getting a remodel, the model hasn't left blender yet, but here's a little preview.


I've also reworked the opening map.

d1 wasteland 01 final0003

I've had to spend a lot of time learning how to use displacements better. I had always struggled with getting them looking good, but I think i'm getting there.

The factory maps are also still being worked on. Before entering the Depot, there is the gunship bay. In the old sketches for the gunship bay, there were supposed to be gunships stripped of their armor. Well, i decided this would fit in well in Outcast.



"Whats next?" You might be asking. Well, im hoping to have several chapters finished by the end of the month, then moving on to scripted sequences and recording voice lines. Many NPC's will be worked on, and many models will be made alongside with textures. So, expect next months update to be even bigger than this one. We have a Discord server now, Well folks, that's all for now. As always, if you'd like to leave feedback, you can join the server and speak to me, or you can message me directly at Zapagoogas#9716. See ya next month, y'all take it easy now.

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Always wanted to see what those gunships looked like without their armor!

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