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News: new winconditions, progress and Chnagelog all this is a part of the news

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Operation Europe MOD

New winconditions
the most newest thing is the two new winconditions.
the first one is called: Timer
the second one is called Command squad

the timer is a normal annihilate game, but on time.
you get 50 minutes to annihilate the enemy, if you cant annihilate the enemy. then the game will randomly pick the winner, it takes one minute for the game to pick the winner.

Command Squad:
you start getting asked wich commander you want, each commander has special abilities.
then the main objective is to kill the enemy commander.

right now the mod is almost 50% finished
the American faction is 90% completed
the Wehrmacht faction is 99% completed
the British faction is 40% completed
the Panzer elite Faction is 10% finished

Singleplayer looks like this:
American campaign 1%
German campaign 0%
British campaign 0%
Canadian campaign 75%
Panzer elite campaign 0%
the last campaign wont be revealed...

3 new doctrines added:
Navy doctrine
Airborne doctrine
Reinforcements doctrine
Marine squad added (Navy doctrine)
m3 grease gun upgrade added (Navy doctrine) (Reinforcements doctrine)
Navy rocket bombardment(incendiary rocket) added (Navy doctrine)
Navy bombardment added (Navy doctrine)
Glider squad added (Airborne doctrine)
Glider ability added (Airborne doctrine)
Glider HQ upgrade added (Airborne doctrine)
Airborne MG and mortar squad added
Jumbo tank added (custom army)
Infantry section added
Flamethrowers added for riflemen and Rangers (Reinforcements doctrine)
Mortar team is now on 4 members

3 doctrines added:
Artillery doctrine
Panzer support doctrine added
Secret weapons added
Grenadiers now spawns in a halftrack
HMG squads now spawns in a halftrack
mp40 upgrade added for Pioneers
mg42 upgrade added for Volksgrenadiers
Panzershreck added for volksgrenadiers
mp44 added for Grenadiers
Pioneers now have kar`s instead of mp40
Mortar team is now on 2 members
Night cross holders removed
sniper removed(will be added again soon)
PanzerWerfer 42 added (artillery doctrine)
Wespe added (artillery doctrine)
Halftrack stuka upgrade removed
Halftrack flamethrower removed
Fast panzer production added (panzer support doctrine)
V1 ability now fires 5 rockets (secret weapons)
Tank blitzkrieg added (panzer support doctrine)

AA crusader added
m4 sherman with cutter added (custom army)

New skin:
MG team
Mortar team
Marine squad

Crusader AA Skin by: Rain

MG team
Mortar team

Panzer Elite:
no new skin

Most of this skin is made by: JesusOfCalgary

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