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Building cool stuff? we definitely notice! Joe has rounded up some of the best structures built on Pharus.

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Greetings Pioneers!

Ever since Eden Star launched into Early Access in January this year, we’ve been amazed at the community’s response - from reporting bugs (and feeding us a constant supply of awesome suggestions!) to creating quality video content and some pretty dang impressive in-game bases! Our mantra with development of Eden Star has always been to work with our community, building solid foundations for new features whilst molding them using community feedback and our own passion to see Eden Star succeed - so for all your input so far, we thank you!

Today we’d like to give just a little something back - this will be the first of hopefully many Community Update blog posts, where we highlight some of the amazing stuff our community come out with on a regular basis. We hope this will encourage more people to get involved (links to our various community sites at the bottom of this post!).

Firstly, I’d like to do a quick shout-out to YouTuber Enigmius! Over the past few months he’s put out almost 30 videos of his adventures on Pharus 7 and we hope to see many more :) Go ahead and show him some love here!

So, without further ado... our updates last week introduced a whole load of new features, but one of our biggest changes came in the form of an entirely new and shiny Build system and you guys have been going all-out with it, using the new buildables to create your own (relatively) safe haven on Pharus 7. Below are just some of the cool things we’ve seen over the last week:

My personal favorite though is this monster fortress by Quadraxis77. Fully kitted out with an arsenal of turrets and a huge gatehouse it’d be a long hard slog for any would-be invaders to get to that Eden Kit - at least until the Juggernaut comes along ;)

Well, that about wraps it up for our first Community Update! If you’d like to get involved, there’s a bunch of links below. We’ve also got a sub-reddit which can be found here!

- Joe



Pretty amazing, a nice community it's what makes a game better.

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