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The news for the mod. This time we will be looking at how 3 of the 4 factions doctrines will work in a winter match and some other stuff

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Winter Defense:
The Winter defense is a doctrine made for defending.
Slit trenches, radios, MG nests, health kit and Howitzer emplacements
are the things included in this doctrine

Supply Force:
Units cut-off from allied territories will be in desperate need for supplies
air drops from c47 planes or drive supplies out to the trucks. Bringing the the news
decreases the change of units being suppressed. Setting demolition charges can also be placed.
Tank hunter teams to defend the supply depots are also a possibility

Mobile forces:
A doctrine filled with extra units, supply shermans, Transport Trucks, calliope jeeps
and a command vehicle. News will also reach soldiers making them want fight more.

Operation Festung:
Made for the Assault windocndition. This is ideal for defensive styled players.
slit trenches, off-map artillery, Howitzer emplacements, Health kits, Incendiary Mines and camoflauge.

Smashing into the enemy is the correct tactic for this doctrine
with Tank busters faster Panzers, Tiger tanks, Stormtroopers and a mob bonus.

Last Offensive:
Assault grenadiers combined with a Tiger tank and V1 rockets should be able to break enemy lines
some air Raids and a firestorm is also ready to get activated.

Anti Panzer Tactics:
Faster Panzers Road Blocks and a Pak 43 Will be ready to hunt enemy panzers
Equipped with special rounds most allied panzers will be able to penetrate enemy panzers

Scorched Earth Tactics:
Leaving infiltration units behind and placing incendiary mines blocking the roads
should slow any enemy advance

use Artillery and bomb units away from the battlefield. Increased Ranges Lefh18 Artillery emplacements
and off-map Rocket Barrages Should be able to do it.

The Allied faction will be able to produce the Airborne squad from the start of a game.
All non VCoH Shermans have also been removed. Leaving only the M4 Sherman.
The Axis faction looks like itself but with some smaller changes. Vet Upgrades are not buyable anymore.
The Panzer Elite Faction have lost most of its heavy armor like the Panther and the Hotchkiss. The Tiger is still buyable with no requirements.

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