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A revision on what I plan to do with the mod the assets and I have run into nasty problems which can be fixed later.

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Hello folks, so development wise, I've ran into some technicial problems however these problems are so tough, it's actually halted Salvage Storm progress. It doesn't mean I wouldn't plan not to finish it or not release it. I've decided to replan what really worth putting out there. With the recently news from Steam regarding developers being kicked off the marketplace, it's given me loads of thought.

Firstly, I quickly plan to take content from Salvage Storm and release it here on but it will be more of a spin off but mod wise, it would make sense releasing it as a mod that anyone could get their hands on. So stay tuned to that and it would cross over to Unreal Tournament as many players wanted it because of what can be done, so it will give such support across both games for Unreal Tournament and Unreal Gold. I think I should at least make a mod exclusively for to begin with. It's not to reach out to Steam telling them to stay away but because it wouldn't make sense to Steam users if I just take Steam's approval and went with it if I didn't give something to what I would describe as the 'birth-place of my mod', so it's better to put it out here first before moving onto what I got greenlit for.

I think my development should stay here on until I'm on the stage to actually make a quality mod. With total conversions, I would admit that I do not fully understand why a total conversion would benefit the mod community. I've played The Nameless Mod and some of Deus Ex Revision. I understand Deus Ex Revision a bit to see why. The Nameless Mod is more of a high end collectors art piece artefact in my opinion but that's the beauty of The Nameless Mod, because it sit here waiting to be improved and branching off but I still think it should have some work put into it.

So I will put the files out and I've decided what to do if my work gets somewhere. No, I wouldn't sell it and make money of it. That would make my own situation worst but I think there's so much life in the Unreal Engine that it should be known, so i have ideas what can be done to benefit anyone who's interested, but that discussion is going to have to wait for a bit before I put it out here.

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