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Well, no bad news so far! This is an upcoming changelog for the things you'll see in OCEAN Full Version that you have NEVER SEEN before in any of the demos!

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  • New weapon sprites! In order to bring the game to the location specified in this post's title, I have more or less redrawn all the weapon sprites in a classic centered manner (a la Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Marathon, Quake 1). This was done for two purposes: to bring back the 'Marathon' feel to the game and to give them the 'hand drawn' aesthetic;
  • Don't worry, the current weapon sprites won't be discontinued. I will release them separately as something like 'OCEAN Classic Weapons Pack'; (in fact, that's what I am gonna do next)
  • There is also a (hopefully) upcoming set of polygonal weapon 3D models that one sweet guy from ModDB suggested to make. So there will be another additional weapon pack, too;
  • So in the end, there'll be three options for weapons: 3D renders/digitally drawn sprites ('Classic Style' that you all know and love), 3D poly models (let's call it 'New Style'), and the definitive/default ones will be traditionally drawn sprites (let's call it 'Canon Style');

* * *

  • Also, I will alter the physics to decrease the gravity, friction and speed, to let the game gain these 'floating' slow physics like in, again, Marathon Trilogy;
  • Before you shout 'Ripoff!', please keep in mind I am doing all that above just because I have remembered that originally, after I've decided to make OCEAN an FPS, I have consciously chosen to make it as sort of a poor man's Marathon, and even considered the Aleph One engine; as we all remember, I have abandoned it after discovering that it has rather poor editing tools for Windows;
  • Also, there'll be an enhanced help and hints system (as suggested by one of my DeviantArt friends);
  • Well, there'll be new textures, but you have all seen them already;
  • And - ATTENTION! - there will be expanded and slightly reworked maps! According to another feedback from DA, the current maps are pretty small by classic FPS standards, and I agree - that's why they won't be so in the full version!

So now that I've gotten all that off the top of my lungs, one question remains:
On October, 15, will you be ready to prove your naval supremacy?!

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