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OccupationCS Beta 2.7.1 is NOW Available 2.7.1 is a Full Install and replaces all previous versions. A clean install is required and will guarantee there is no unpredictable game behavior as a result of the new version. Back up the \OccupationCS\cfg\lan_pop.dat and copy it back after install to retain current local rank

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OccupationCS Beta 2.7.1 is NOW Available

Download Latest Version Update Patch 2.7.1 at:

2.7.1 Latest Version Includes:

  • AI now has cover and advancement capabilities with hugely improved target discrimination logic. All logic impasses have been fixed, cant tell the NPC's from the players anymore.
  • AI Aim Tracking, longer they have a fix on a target more accurate they become, no more instant firing.
  • Changing NPC Aim now reflected in their weapon stance
  • NPC now have Clip Ammo Usage Limits and need to Resupply at Secure Entries
  • Higher Player Weapon Rating, more weapons and ammo available earlier
  • Removed First MOTD Instruction Screen, was causing freezes in certain instances
  • Faction can only make an Enemy Zone Active during an Allied Surge
  • Surges are now also triggered by Enemy Kill Count
  • Models are now the original HL2 Skins, Liberation using the Combine Models and the Resistance using the Citizen Models including an additional Armor specification: Heavy Vest

Sounds like a nice overhaul, will try.

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Welcome changes, downloading! :)

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Looks great!
I cant wait to play without instantly firing AI!

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