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General updates and tweaks to the mapsets textures, lighting and difficulty. Also four player co-op is a thing now.

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Just released a patch/update for my WAD 'Oblivion'. Ngl it's actually kinda relieving going back and getting to tweak those little issues and adding some new surprises.

  1. Download and changelog below:
    - Changed MIDI in MAP11 (Bloody Sunday)
    - Decreased demon count in MAP11 (Bloody Sunday) to make the map a bit easier without dumbing down the more slaughtermap influence.
    - Made the secret exit in MAP07 (Oblivion) a bit more secret.
    - Increased the brightness in parts of the hell levels
    - Added a couple more secrets.
    - Fixed an abundance of texture alignment issues
    - Fixed a bug in MAP04 (Up From The Depths) involving some secrets.
    - Added a nice surprise at the end of MAP09 (At Doom's Gate) ;)
    - Implemented four player co-op


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