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Starting of my texture project with replacements for the clothing oblivion. This mods adds some more wear and tear to the middle class clothing sets and changes some colors. Upper class robes and garments are now no longer in neon colors and have been redesigned to seem more in line with the look of other elder scrolls games.

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A wise man once said that no one reads the introduction. Well, you seem to be the exception of the rule then ;) Oblivion is among my favorite has a sense of depth and maturity lacking from Skyrim (brilliant game aswell, don't get me wrong.) What has always rubbed me wrong however, was the visual style of the game.

Everything looked washed out, blurry and the colors often seemed out of place. This was especially true with the higher level weapon and armor design. A lot of it just looked like plastic or otherwise odd.

While the modding community has done great improvements to oblivion already not everything has yet been done or done to my taste which is why I started this modding project. Textures go a long way and can give a game new live (thinking about the great Thief 3 texture mod here.) I hope that these textures will be part of many players future elder scrolls experiences and add to an already fantastic game.

This mod assumes that you have qarls texture pack 3 and some kind of head/body replacer installed and will not touch the material already modified by these mods. It will tackle anything not yet improved/changed instead.

What is planned:

NPC Clothing will be slightly improved and recolored so it fits in the TES universe and no longer is looking ridiculous or shining like a Christmas tree when HDR is turned on. Some color combinations are changed.

Armor will be retextured to look more used and worn. It will also be adjusted visually so you can wear parts of different sets without them looking out of place. I will also add higher-resolution versions where needed (especially gloves, as these are seen in first person). Some armor might have less of a "knight in shining armor" flair when I'm done with it which is why this mod might not be for everyone.

Weapons will get higher resolution textures and recolors. They should look less like toys once I'm done with them...especially the glass and steel set.

Creatures will get higher resolution textures and will be adjusted to look less like cartoons. In the original games creatures like the ogre or xivilai looked very non-threatening...I aim to change that. Making things look more "visceral", vicious and organic.

Clutter, Items and architecture will be adjusted where needed.

Oblivion (the realm) will get a new and more somber look. I try to stray away from the pastel colors it is held in now and cover it more in rust and ashes.

Part I : The empires new clothes

I started with the clothes, doing quick fixes and changes, especially the colors as seen above. I also had to learn how the oblivion engine renders the normalmaps so some mistakes are still present. Here are a few screenshots:


Looks pretty good, friend!

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looks great, keep it up

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Serygala Author

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to see there is interest in the mod :)

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