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OBEY has just been launched on Kickstarter and Greenlight! Grab your copy!

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OBEY has just been launched on Kickstarter and Greenlight!

As players, we are all used to commanding peasants or AI units around in a game.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to maintain control over other human players? How about rebellious human opponents?

That game is OBEY.

OBEY is a unique competitive multiplayer action game where you win by bribing and coercing your opponents into helping you win. Playing OBEY makes for an experience unlike any other game you have ever played. Grab your copy and guarantee that it gets made!

Press Reactions:

  • "[the] mechanics help foster multiplayer dynamics that are amazing to watch unfold. In one game players might end up in a Totalitarian-style play style. In another, a bunny uprising, or flat-out anarchy may occur. Really, it’s up to each player and their acceptance/rejection of “obeying” that makes each match unique. Although there may be other games out there that foster such gameplay, I have definitely never played one before." - Marcus Estrada,
  • "...this is a tense, fast-paced King of the Hill-type encounter where the balance of power is constantly shifting and is not always in the hands of the only person with actual weaponry. Playing into the overlord’s hand can be more lucrative than attempting to constantly subvert, creating a bizarre and uncomfortably totalitarian-feeling experience, whereas once the dropship is eliminated complete anarchy can erupt with players casting off their tracking collars and bum-rushing the robot for control.." - Julian Aidan,
  • "As games for the most part have clearly defined player interactions, be they competitive or cooperative, a new project on Kickstarter plays with participants’ self-interests like few games do...The game has players interact as helpless bunnies, but it’s much more complex than it looks." - Luke Siuty,
Check out and Vote for OBEY on Steam Greenlight!

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