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In this update, I am discussing what I will start doing now.

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So I am starting to code weapons in for the mod, until I learn to model. Until I learn to model, its just default weapons. I have almost finished creating the first map which will be NZ Facility, the NZ stands for Nazi Zombies if you didn't already know.

I am not ready to release any alphas or maps just yet, maps will be released first probably if you want to get a feel for them before I release the actual mod.

So far, mapping seems to be fine but I still got alot to go.

Here is the list so far:

  • Coding Weapons - Thompson,Trenchgun,Carbine,M1911,PPSH,etc (Finished & not finished list at the bottom.)
  • GUI - Partly done just not implemented yet.
  • Coding - Aside from weapons , I have not really done much coding except for making some maps. I am starting though.
  • Textures - I have not finished reskining models or adding new textures, I hope I can add some high-res textures though.
  • SFX - Sound is half-way done.

The List is based on color Red(Not Done) to Green(Finished).

Weapons List:

  • M1911
  • Thompson
  • Trench Gun
  • Carbine
  • Grenade Launcher, not sure which one.
  • FlameThrower
  • PPSH
  • Kar98k
  • Mosen-naget(Probably spelled wrong)
  • MG42
  • MP40
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