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NZK MOD 3.0 uses Anomaly 1.5 RC 19 as the basis, without RC19 the new version of NZK will not work!For the MOD version, you will need a clean version of Anomaly RC 19

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ANOMALY 1.5 RC22 - NZK MOD 3.0

NZK MOD 3.0 uses Anomaly 1.5 RC 22 as the basis, without RC22 the new version of NZK will not work!
For the MOD version, you will need a clean version of Anomaly RC 22
This modification is aimed at changing the game for the better by improving the intelligence of game opponents, complicating the gameplay, improving the gaming aspects and adding new capabilities.

The main goal is to bring the game closer to the Survival RPG.
Mod is hardcore and is not a national solyanka.
All innovations were made exclusively to improve the atmosphere and change the complexity of the game.

1) For STANDALONE, run the mode installer.
2) For MOD version: copy gamedata folder to ANOMALY RC22 installed folder.

1. New quests (400 +!) From Dead Air Revolution + quests from NZK by death_dealer
Dead Air Revolution is an addon to Dead Air made based on Dead Air 0.98b and Dead Air Rebalance 1.2.5, bringing more than 300 new quests.
2. Arszis Immersive Dynamic Tasks
(adapted all except fetch script)
3. Igi Tasks
4. GT Tasks
5. Artefact Hunters
6. LTTZ DC - 1.5RC18
Basic settings and updates:
- The quest "Living Legend: Champion of the Monolith" has been changed so that Eidolon meets expectations.
- Revised the quest "Mortal Sin: Urban Warfare": enemies appear in stages to avoid the situation when all Sin forces come to one place at a time.
- Remade the quest "Mortal Sin: Endgame" according to the original concept.
- Added several PDA messages to improve the course of the plot.
- Trade in information (currently only CCP trade is implemented)
- dialogues creating atmosphere + all random dialogues from PM are restored
New dialogues for absolutely all characters on locations

Added a huge number of new dialogue branches
Added a lot of dialogues, absolutely for all characters on locations
- Many original dialogs have been changed
- Unique characters are assigned unique dialogues
In total, more than 2500 spoken lines were added, three branches of dialogues for ordinary NPCs, and five to six for unique characters.

- Adapted Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies +1.2 Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies FIX ANOMALY 1.5.0. BETA 2.4 REGIONS PATCH New anomalies + dynamic system combined anomalies at locations
10 absolutely new dynamic abnormal zones based on the updated system of accidental emergence DoctorX.
1. A dozen completely new anomalous zones that have not existed before. It:
- "Darkness" - "Flash" - "Ghost" - "Liquid Gold" - "Green Dragon"
- Mephistotel - Net - Point - Radar - Press
2. A unique random appearance system based on the DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies script with casual improvements. The anomalies you see depend on location.
The closer you are to the center of the Zone - the more diverse and dangerous
3. Each anomaly has its own unique quality particle effect, sound and impact.

- There was an opportunity to cook food at the stake
- Animal meat spoils over time
- Made edits to actor.ltx for realism and complication of the game
- Speed now depends on suit
- Exoskeletons now need a power supply
- Redesigned assortment of merchants
- Changed things at the start of the game
- Introduced barter system between player and NPS
- Added and balanced withdrawal of money from corpses
- Camera tweens changed
- Added object usage animations
- Integrated Level_Transition_Travel_Simulator


I have undergone a change in the attitude of the groups to the GG - now playing for the Stalkers you will be able to fulfill the tasks of the Bandits, Military and Mercenaries (as in the original CoP). Changes in relations affected only GG and do not affect the game balance in any way. By the way, sooner or later you will have to choose which grouping to work for, fulfilling certain tasks, so maintaining neutrality will be quite problematic.
In general, such a concept brings the game closer to RPG and gives you a choice of which way to develop relations with a particular grouping.
changes affected only Singles, playing for the rest of the grouping relationship will remain the same as in the original Anomaly

- Restored sounds from the megaphone on the cordon
- Anomalous detector sound restored and changed + added Swarog detector screen animation


Integrated Panoramic Mod 2.1 + PM_COP_alpha for AtmosFear_3_CoP
Now in the Zone it will be possible to see panoramas during clear weather and sometimes in the rain

Emission changed - now it partly resembles the classic emission from Shadow Of Chernobyl
Changed Psi-storm - close to the prototype of builds

Binoculars returned the function of searching for living creatures (when pointing at a living NPS or monster, a frame will appear as in the Shadow of Chernobyl)

• redesigned characteristics of all artifacts;
• 50 new artifacts added (!)
• Many SoC artifacts recovered

New weapon - integrated latest (at the time of release) version of B & S fashion, as well as some barrels from SHOKER WEAPON MOD
New items and weapons from Dead Air and not only
Absolutely new items from NZK
Restored GPS beacon from AMK 1.4.1

New monsters - new monsters added, monsters from Metro 2033 added original sounds
added: Ghoul, Kikimora, Ameba, Nosach, Spider, Cockroach, Zanoza, Krotokrice, Parasite
New LORN models of snorks, controllers, zombies from Mutants Model Pack # 1-2
- all new mutants added unique body parts
- added changes to Buerer and Controller from arszi
+ added new sounds of controller, zombie, pseudo
The relations of monsters to each other are rebalanced, namely:
- Bloodsuckers feud with all living creatures
- Dogs and pseudo-dogs prey on wild boars and flesh
- Zombies hate snorks, and they reciprocate them
- Pseudo-giant is dangerous for all animals
- Humanoid mutants now treat each other neutrally
- Cats are the worst enemies for rats and carcasses

Work has been carried out to adjust the balance - now monsters do not burn quest characters (for the most part), the number of monsters in squads is balanced, at all locations you can now find different animals, rats have been added (their number has been increased, now they can be found everywhere and at each location, for stalkers they are neutral)

Environment textures from NZK MOD 1.3:
- texture of doors, posters and some surfaces
- volumetric effect and texture of rain from NZK 1.3. (by Farsight)
- environment textures from NZK MOD and DEAD AIR
- textures of objects
- new blood textures
The texture of energy is replaced by the texture of the drink "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."
Radar points restored
Animated RPG cursor from DEAD AIR
New Inventory Texture
Partially integrated Simple_Autumn_Retexture_Desaturated
The main menu of the game has been completely redesigned:
New foreground picture + video from NZK 1.3

4K PDA textures + high-quality map textures
Anomaly HD Models Addon/HD models for Anomaly.

Voiced_Actor_2.0_Russian_Version [reworked by NZK]
The character is now voiced, will periodically say some phrases, if in the game you are with a partner, then the character will voice his actions.

Radio Changed
I want to separately note the work on radio - now it is not pop nonsense, but a real element of the atmosphere, now it is possible to catch negotiations, interference and much more on the radio, more than 5 hours have been added to the new music - special attention is paid to this moment

The volume of the compositions was adjusted and balanced

There are now two waves on the radio - the first wave is atmospheric Soviet music + audiobooks and radio sounds, the second is the soundtrack (ambient + some compositions suitable for the atmosphere for the game)

New sounds for old and new monsters


3vtiger, Shoker, Arszi, RussianSniper117, Asynchron, Eugenium, Tixonics, GhenTuong, Demosfen, Igi, av661194, Johann, London, Strelok7171, Raduga, CAHCAHbI4, Khabarych, Modoskea, K.e.e. Team, developers fashion of Slayer mod, developers fashion of R.E.B.O.R.N., Radik619, DanteZ, Short, SmertSaratov, ICHICROW, CEMENT, Vampir, Battlestate Games - Escape From Tarkov, USEC1 voice files, HyperGryph - Arknights music, strelok7171, nPu3PaK (Alexander Overin Dead Air:R), Kramer (quests ideas, innovation ideas, Dead Air: R testing), Physic (quests ideas, new dialogues, Dead Air testing:R), Dragomir (technical moments, ideas of quests Dead Air: R), Hoperise (technical moments Dead Air:R), Hesvul (идеи квестов Dead Air:R), Ninja_Nub [NOR], Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix, UnCheat, Gresnik13rs, 3fallout3, ed_rez, Samber13, One_ShoT, Domestos, Argus, AMK 1.4.1 team, Graffsam, serviga, Эдуард Базяев, El-Prime, OldW0lf, ValeroK, Feel_Fried, artifax, Mick & Mortan (Forward Frontier/STCoP), Andrejs Green, LsdPro, unethicalrus, Gunslinger Mod Team, _Mr_Vlad_

Author and sole developer of NZK MOD 3.0 - death_dealer (compilation, assembly, configurations, scripts, debugging, some textures + new content)

Separate thanks to the forum and for the storage of information on modding.

Author and sole developer of NZK MOD 3.0 - death_dealer (compilation, assembly, configurations, scripts, debugging, some textures + new content)

Separate thanks to the forum and for the storage of information on modding.

MooZe Compositions Included

nzkmod Author

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or dowload mod from here -

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