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NuVera Online 1.3.9 has some great new features like player achievements, titles and more.

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New Client 1.3.9

Client update time again. We are, as always, very excited about this new release of NuVera Online Client. There are some great new features and updates this time around.

Titles, Stats and Achievements

We've added a new Achievements system in to NuVera Online. Achievements are earned by doing various things and it's a great starting point for new and old users as it can be thought of as a task list for those looking for something to do. The achievement system (currently) is largely tied to user stats which is now available as well. User stats lists things such as distance traveled, times chatted, public areas created and more. By using this data we are able to generate achievement conditions such as the traveled achievement which you can earn by walking/running more than a mile in world.

Some achievements have rewards such as an Avatar Title. Avatar titles (when worn) show under your name in world for others to see. This is a further means to customize how you appear to others.

Avatar Titles, Stats and Achievements are grouped under a new button in the main menu called Journal. As we progress we will be adding additional achievements and some new features under the Journal menu.


We've made a couple of changes in how Snapshots work in world. We removed the Save Snapshot option as all taken snapshots are saved to your computer automatically. You can also now hit the "P" key at anytime to take a snapshot whether the snapshots window is open or not. By pressing the F2 key and using the "p" key you can now take fullscreen snapshots without the user interface quickly and easily which will auto save to your computer. We have some other new features coming to the snapshots so stay tuned!

Chat Scrolling

Ever scroll up in chat to see what someone said but the chat keeps forcing the view to the bottom every time a new message comes in? Well now when you scroll up in chat it will no longer automatically scroll down. Also a new button will appear next to the chat window that can be clicked to quickly scroll back to the bottom of the chat history. When the history is at the bottom it will resume auto scrolling.

Release Notes

- Can now scroll up in chat history without new messages forcing the scroll area to the bottom. If not at the bottom of chat history a new button will appear next to the chat history to quickly scroll to the bottom and resume auto scrolling on newly received messages

- My Avatar button renamed to Appearance

- Home Screen button renamed to Home

- Open catalog button renamed to just catalog

- Removed the word "Avatar" from all avatar inventory buttons

- New Journal button in top menu with sub buttons for My Stats, Achievements and Titles

- Added Stats window under Journal that shows basic player stats such as distance travelled, objects placed, chat messages sent and a whole lot more.

- Added Achievements under Journal that lists possible achievements that can be earned by doing various things in NuVera Online

- Added Avatar Titles under Journal as well as available under the What Am I Wearing interface that allows you to set a title that shows under your avatar name to other users.

- Removed Save Snapshot button from snapshots window as all snapshots taken now automatically save to your local computer

- Pressing the P key while the GUI is hidden (by hitting the F2 key) will now take a snapshot and automatically save it to your local computer. The saved snapshot size will be the full window.

- Clicking an avatar and selecting Add Friend should now work again

- Minor changes to some starter tutorials

- Fog color picker button now visible again under atmosphere controls

- Object relative scale now properly loaded which effected at what distance objects would start loading in.

- Updated decorate help info so that it refers to the locked objects and how to edit them correctly

- Inviting/Teleporting users to an area should now work

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