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The sixth Nucleotide game development diary is ready! This episode is a bit different than the previous ones, but I think you'll like it :)

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The sixth Nucleotide game development diary is ready! This episode is a bit different than the previous ones, but I think you'll like it :)
As always, I'm talking about development progress from the last development diary.
If for some reason you aren't able to watch it, you can find the transcript underneath.

Hello there! My name is Ivan Mandić, but you may call me iVan.
Welcome to the sixth Nucleotide game development diary.
This development diary covers the progress of the game Nucleotide.
Each episode number corresponds to the number of development weeks that are behind us, and, since this is the sixth episode ,that means that we haaave, yeah, that's right, six weeks behind us. Eventhough, I don't see any.OooooOOOOooo It's a game about a green cube!?
Of course it isn't! This and other models on the scene are just placeholders for the artwork that is going to come, but most of you already knew that :)
These doors seem to be locked but if use the almighty tongue I'll be able to get through them.
I hacked this in for prototyping purposes, It'll need a bit more coding to behave more naturally.
This week I continued to work on the tongue, and I have two visible changes.
If I start dragging this weirdly shaped object you'll be able to notice them pretty easily.
The tongue is now making a nice loop around the player, if the object is behind him.
If you remember the last development diary, the tongue was breaking and passing through the player, and that was really ugly.
A bigger change, that I'm more proud of is that the tongue is making a nice knot on the entrance point. Just like every other part of the tongue, it's generated in real-time, and I can change its appearance just by changing variables. For example, I can change the number of loops it makes around the tongue, its length or thickness, and that is kinda sweet.
Also it's completely integrated with the animation, but I'll have to improve a few details before I can call it done.


nice video, and you did a great job with how the objects behave on the water. it really looks like they are flowting on the water!
i understand the objects are still place holders so the final result will look even better. This is the first time i came across this game so i will press the Track button and follow you development.

Much success,

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IvanJMandic Author

Thanks mate! :D

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Neat Ivan, judging from the way you've dealt with the tongue I take it that you are into procedural game design? If so, maybe you could elaborate more on you views on the subject regarding this project.
Cheers. :)

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IvanJMandic Author

Thanks :) All the levels for this game will be handmade. I believe that people appreciate and enjoy handmade environments more, for example, Minecraft has some nice terrain algorithms, but did that amaze people? No. Thing that amazed them the most was the fact that you can move each and every block in that environment, create your own unique structures :D

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