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Months ago I released a file that would be updated via modb but lost interest in the mod mainly because i started playing other games and school beginning (we all know what happened next) but now since i have more time i wanted to finish episode 1. While its still not finished i already been doing the concepts for the maps, the only thing remaining is make them in doom builder.

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Welcome back

If you liked the first 2 levels i made and the preview for the third one you'll be happy to know that im back to complete the rest of chapter 1. The new features ill add are:


  • New title screen (im not sticking with doom 1's)
  • New title name (familiar faces sounds too generic and not original)
  • Minimaly improved original sprites (while in earlier versions I made an original pistol sprite it didnt fit doom's sprite style so ill just add detail into the already existing ones)


  • New monsters and weapons (ill try to balance them)
  • A mod trailer (if I have time to edit and all)
  • New music (this one is the most probable of all of these)

While i cannot think of a specific realease date since its the first time i make an actually real mod and you probably noticed by the other levels i made i LOVE detail and try to variate textures and light but it will OBIOUSLY be finished by the end of the year.

- FuSioN


lad it's 2021 have you finished it yet?

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