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A brief explanation of NTV's recent additions - the NTF interface and built-in Command voices by Darkblade.

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1. The NTF Interface

Created thanks to the work of several community members, the NTF interface is a must-have addition to NTV which would have never been excluded by the modpack. It effectively replaces FreeSpace 2's interface, based on the GTVA logo, with something that fits with the NTF's style. The result, already featured in a recently released campaign by FreeSpaceFreak (Crossing the Styx), ensures an original gaming experience.

The interface pack also features an NTF command briefing animation, which is without any doubt one of the most encouraging additions to the modpack.

2. Command Voice by Darkblade

Neo Terra Victorious tells the story of the Neo Terran Front, so having exclusive built-in voice messages for Command was a must. Just like with INFASA, I decided to recruit an experienced voice actor to create the lines NTV needed. Darkblade, a fellow Finnish member of the FreeSpace community, has volunteered to work on a given number of lines the NTV Team previously discussed.

Darkblade (whose birthday was yesterday) did a commendable job, which is now part of NTV's modpack. He may be asked to voice act all Command messages should NTV be voice acted in the foreseeable future, and that's a possibility I'm really looking forward to.

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