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NR features options which you can set to your personal liking's and you can add every mutator you like to enhance your Nuclear Race game.

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What all can NR do and whats included?

Description of Options

    bAllowKills: Toggle on or off to allow/disallow killing.
    bAllowSelfDmg: Toggle on/off to toggle self-inflicted damage.

    bGainPointsForKills: Do you want to reward killing or not?
    bLosePointsForDeaths: Should suicides from make you lose a point?

    FirstPoints: Points awarded for 1st place. Default: 5
    SecondPoints: Points awarded for 2nd place. Default: 3
    ThirdPoints: Points awarded for 1st place. Default: 1

    PointsFromKillingMonsters: Number of points awarded for killing a monster.
    PointsFromKillingPlayers: Number of points awarded for killing another player.

    bEndLapAfter3Finish: End the race after three people finish. This does not work yet and will likely be replaced with the 'start a 30 second countdown after first place finishes' idea.

    bKeepWeaponsOnRespawn: Should players get their guns back if they die during a lap?
    bKeepEmptyWeapons: Ties into the one above. If a player has a gun with no ammo, shall we let them keep it?

    bLogEvents: Log everything for testing purposes.

    CustomFlag: Allows you to use a custom flag on the checkered flag. (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)
    bAllowProjectiles: Set this one on both the flag and checkpoint. Toggles whether you want projectiles to be able to activate checkpoints or not. This setting is recommended to be turned off when racing with SLV. This setting is for people who wish to race with Redeemers or other non-vehicles. (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)
    bCheckpointsRefillAmmo: Should checkpoints refill the ammo of players when they activate it? (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)

    Singleplayer mode fixed. Now players can start the race whenever they want to by typing 'Mutate Start.' (Only in singleplayer.)


NR relies on a mutator to handle most of the work. This setup allows for future upgrades to be made without touching the original mod. Just create another mutator and tell NR to replace the old one.
This setup also lets mutators be made strictly to handle record keeping which means a UTStats type mutator could be made easily.

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