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NR 1.3 BETA: FIXES: - floating player - UT menus - Matches with time limit NEW: - mid-race rankings - mid-race joining - Race time limit

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The NR u file is smaller than previous versions due to me removing some extra textures and creating it by compiling the scripts one time only. NR is the cleanest its ever been.

- Floating/stuck player after finishing the race while on a SLV. Its fixed aslong as you make the SLV hit the flag/checkpoint FIRST. The SLV usually hits first if your aimed right at the checkpoint. YOU hit the checkpoint first if your coming in horizontally or at an extreme angle. If YOU hit the checkpoint first, it'll still get you stuck in the air. I'll still yet to completely figure this one out. You can fix it by hopping on another SLV or by suiciding.

- UT menu practice session and multiplayer matches boxes work again.

- Server browser doesn't now work YET. I have no luck getting my home servers to get listed on the master server, so I haven't been able to test it.

- Matches with time limits now work. Instead of glitching out and sometimes crashing, NR determines if theres a tie or if a winner could be found once time runs out. If theres a tie, the match continues until someone finishes the race and earns enough points to be declared the winner.

New Stuff:
- Mid-race rankings. Shows on the HUD below the checkpoint information. Ranks get recalculated each time a player hits a checkpoint, which means they may lie early in the race. Wait for someone to get a checkpoint.

- Players can join mid-race and immediately be put into the current race.

- Race time limit. Once one person finishes, the others have 30 seconds to finish. Once times up, everyone gets respawned in the starting zone.

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