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Progress Update for Nova Prospekt Floor 2. Estimated finish date for npzf2 is Thursday or Friday for the mapping side, screen shots will be released at that time.

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So far Floor 2 has been interesting for me. I decided to go a little beyond what I had planned for it this week and am adding in a few new areas per prison block floor of the map (there are three such floors in all).

I am also rebrushing the railing for these floors.

I completely changed the base level of the prison area adding in a little, well more then a little lol, of detail to it.

I also changed the 'lift' at the back of this room to more of an elevator and I also added in the prison pods to the map. I am still working on those, some of them are doing very weird stuff while following the path_tracks.

Every floor on this map is going to be getting several new things. The old teleporters are getting replaced by a similar system as used in floor's 4 and 3 but it is slightly different and more complex.

the theme is that as you progress higher in NPZ this get more complex looking because the Combine have been rebuilding these upper floors with updated systems/parts/etc.

The map is at present 92% finished for the actual mapping, but maybe total of 85% finished for the entity work.

I will try to the mapping/prop placement finished by Thursday or Friday. Screen shots will be released at that time.

As always, thanks for following CI.


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