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Hi everyone!

So, I'm here to talk a little bit about the ideas around this project....

The idea

As I've said in the summary, this project started as a learning project to learn how to use Unity, because this is my first game. I've seen many people starting learning projects such as this, but they usually go for something more "basic" like "runner"\"infinite-runner" games, but, quite frankly, I can't play that kind of game, it's my opinion that it's a quite boring genre(no offense to player who like the genre or to developer who produce them ), I'm a RTS-RPG guy, but...those genres are too complex for a "beginner" like me, so I had to start with something "easier"...I was playing some choplifter 3 some weeks ago and though about making something like that, but as the complexity and ideas for this project increased I end up concentrating in the second game mode(which is the one I've been posted), the Jet mode, which is the one I'm focusing my time right now, especially when the "Helicopter" mode is already half-way done anyway...I'm also planning a ground vehicle mode featuring a MBT or a APC for some ground action. This game is being built with a lot of RTS and RPG influence into it, I'm working on a strategic map for something that will become some sort of conquest mode featuring RTS\Tower-defense features without putting the arcade mode aside. I'm also working on a complex upgrade system which will allow the player to buy vehicles, weapons, and other parts to improve his vehicles.


Jet mode:

Well, if you saw the videos I've posted you've might have noticed that there isn't horizontal movement, only vertical, but thats not what is in there, what I've implemented for the Jet mode its a speed based movement, with some depth to explore. You have 5 elements in this Speed-mechanic: minimum speed, maximum speed, acceleration, pitch and Stall.

  • Minimum speed: your aircraft is more maneuverable close to minimum speed, but be careful, while you maneuver your aircraft's speed decreases and you might fall to Stall speed.
  • Maximum Speed: your aircraft is at its minimum pitch rate, so it's less maneuverable, though you can out run some enemies, you might not be able to avoid some of the enemy fire.
  • Acceleration: each aircraft will feature a different acceleration speed, this affects two 3 things: as you accelerate your maneuver capability decreases, your ability to escape Stall increases, the time it takes to reach maximum speed decreases.

  • Pitch: this controls how much your aircraft can maneuver, represents its vertical movement. The higher the pitch the tighter you can turn, but, that affects both your current speed and acceleration. As you turn your aircraft will suffer speed loses, so your acceleration will also decrease.
  • Stall: when below minimum speed your aircraft will enter on a Stall which will cause your plane to fall like a rock, and lose control of all weapons, the aircraft also lose acceleration and speed while on stall, thou this can also be used to escape projectiles and enemy aircrafts as a dangerous maneuver(just remember not to hit the ground or the mountains).

Helicopter mode:

This mode will feature a more "regular" movement system, greatly inspired by the game choplifter 3, if you've already played that game, this mode won't be new for you.Thought the Helicopter mode will feature a much more action-based focused missions than the "rescue" prisioners seen on Choplifter 3, as I've spend more time working with the Jet mode, there is still a lot of depth to be created\explored in this mode.

Ground combat mode:

This mode is still just an idea, and the idea is to let the player control a heavy combat vehicle such as a MBT or a APC on missions to capture bases and take out ground forces.

The Art

This is the complicated part...I've not yet defined a good art style, thats why I'm using placeholders for the tests(and because they are tests). Working on both art and programming of game is quite time consuming, so I'm focusing on making my code work with optimum performance and as bug-free as possible before puting my time on the art, after all, there is no need for the art without the code to hold it. Thought you can still see particle effects which I'm working with the purpose to implement in the final product, and there is also the player aircraft seen in the videos, thats not a 2D white-jet its a 600 polygon model without a texture, after I finally get some time to work on the texture of that model it'll probably become the starting Jet for the player.

  • The Music

This one is Art too, well, as most of my friends have indie bands, this game will feature a lot of guitars, bass and drum solos, but I'm still deciding between dramatic sound effects and thrilling\action-based sound effects.

Next week: conquest mode, economy, player progression and market system for vehicle customization and improvement.

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