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NProject Mod July update. The updates after the release of version 2.6 contains several minor bugfix, new weapon sets of Boss General Combat Bike, and a compilation video of NProject Mod and Project Evans.

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After the release of NProject Mod version 2.6, here what I've done in this month

1. Another round of Before-After. The EA's Minor Failure

Fixed Supply Stash Fortified Upgrade Model <-- look how messed GLA Supply Stash with fortified upgrade
Fixed Oil Refinery <-- strange thing happen when Oil Refinery in snowy day map
Fixed China Airfield Scaffoldings <-- Hey EA, are you forget that China get helicopters in ZH?

2. New WeaponSet of Boss General Combat Bike

Boss Combat Bike Weapons
The Power of Unholy Alliance

Boss Leang have decided to increase the use of her Combat Bike, allowing all of her infantry (except Angry Mobs) to use the Combat Bike.

From the left:
- Jarmen Kell >> Jarmen Kell Sniper weapon, stealthed
- Ranger >> Standard GLA Combat Bike machine guns
- Hacker >> unarmed, transport only
- Colonel Burton >> Colonel Burton weapon, stealthed
- Black Lotus >> unarmed, transport only, stealthed
- Pathfinder >> Pathfinder sniper weapon, stealthed while not moving
- Tank Hunter >> Tank Hunter bazooka weapon
- Terrorist >> Suicide bike

3. New Infantry: GLA Sniper for Stealth General

GLA Sniper for Stealth General
New infantry for Stealth General. The clone of USA Pathfinder, but less camouflaged.

The increasing numbers of USA Mortar infantry and Chinese Flamethrower forced Prince Kassad to hires low-trained stealth snipers for his arsenal. Moreover, he cannot rely only with Jarmen Kell alone against the new enemies, these newly recruited snipers may help the hero eliminating enemy infantry faster.

They might look like USA Pathfinders, but they have some differences. They are camouflaged while stationary, but because the lack of skills they often to discovered when shooting, and require more time to regain stealth than USA Pathfinders.

4. Compilation Video of NProject Mod and Project Evans

This month is a very special month for NProject Mod. Because, NProject Mod officially hosted on GRANS Productions Studios!

So, NProject Mod and Project Evans (one of GRANS Productions mod) proudly present this compilation video:

Navals and RA3 Nanocore System in Zero Hour

Don't forget to join us at GRANS Studios:
And of course this mod new Discussion Forum:

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