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NPC movement code has some work done, planning pottery and barrel destructible containers.

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The movement code, and most obviously the jumping of small ledges wasn't quite right, monsters got stuck and were not properly avoiding water.

Well hopefully all that's fixed, they can now traverse more varied flooring. Formless monsters still slide on the ground, but can go up slopes and small uprisings.

A little cleanup is need in the script and currently cliff detection has been disabled due to a conflict with the jumping on a sloped surface. This should also be fixed soon.

So besides these fixes the next tech demo I plan to release 'should' contain the following additions.

1) Breakable pots and barrels with debris projection on death.

2) Monster and container drops.

3) Tests involving keys and chests.

4) No more easy hopping onto tall monsters. (maybe)

5) Arrow traps

6) Explosions and possibly ranged area damage tests.

7) Cannon tests (maybe)

Main level design is paused as I figure out the enemies behaviors a little better.

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