Zombine, Hunter and missing Headcrab.

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Ok so the latest is that there are now Zombine and soon there will be Hunters.
But at the moment I don't really have a good area to introduce the Hunter, because I don't really like seeing a Hunter in a city, they are more a "out in the woods" kind of enemy.
But think that I can work some thing out.

And yes something else... the Headcrabs dose not exist in my mod, but trying to fix it, and one more thing, th mod still got no title but here is some ideas I have.

To match the MM here are some titles:
Monster Mod
Molten Mod
Maybe Maybe
Mother Maker
Mo Mad
Mortal Mad
Molten Mortal

The Last Hope
Go on
We where
Molten Hope

But thos i like most right now is
1: Indestructible
2: The Last Hope
3: Maybe Mabye
100: Mother Maker (dont rly know were i got that rom, but it is so bad)


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