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Find out how to receive access to the testing version of v5, and what it contains.

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Entry team, we've just received word that v5 is ready for testing. You want in on this?

Version 5 of SWAT: Elite Force is now available for testing. In order to access it, you'll need to join our Discord server. While you're there, you can join other players' multiplayer games and help us ensure that v5 launches as smoothly as possible.

For more information, check out the SWAT 4 Discord:
The latest testing version is pinned in the #swat-elite-force channel. Bugs are best reported in that channel.

The testing phase is expected to last several weeks while things are getting finished. Originally I was projecting an April release, but this came sooner than expected because of some important discoveries that were made in the code that helped speed things along.

Here is a full list of changes. There's still more that will be changed between now and release!

Major Features

  • Campaign CO-OP!
    • You can now play any campaign in multiplayer. Beating missions in campaign co-op advances your singleplayer career. You will need to unlock equipment, just like in singleplayer, and there is a score requirement to win.
    • Simply select a previously created campaign from the menu and hit the CAREER CO-OP button to begin.
    • Some campaigns cannot be played in co-op (see below for restrictions)
  • Permadeath!
    • AI Permadeath option will kill your AI officers permanently when they die.
    • Player permadeath option will instantly end your campaign permanently when you die.
    • Campaigns with permadeath options enabled cannot be played in Campaign co-op.
  • All Missions campaign!
    • There is a new campaign path, titled All Missions. This includes every map you have on your hard drive, including customs, so you can play them in singleplayer.
    • All Missions campaigns cannot be played in Campaign co-op.
  • AI Improvements!
    • Officers can now take cover while engaging suspects, and may lean or crouch while doing so.
    • Suspects and civilians can now wander all over the map (this depends on the map mostly)
    • A lot of cut speech got restored.
  • Equipment changes!
    • The SAS mod has generously allowed us to use some of their weapons in the mod.
    • New rifle/pistol ammo types: JSP (jacketed soft point) and AP (armor penetrating).
    • New shotgun ammo types: 0 buck, 1 buck, 4 buck
  • Breaching Improvements!
    • All shotguns can now breach through doors. The Breaching Shotgun can break through any door with one shot, but other shotguns (particularly when dealing with metal doors) may take two or three shots to break open. (AI-controlled officers cannot breach with anything other than a Breaching Shotgun)
    • Broken doors can now be closed and/or wedged.
    • C2 can now blow up alarm traps on the other side of a door, preventing them from going off.
    • You can now tell the officers which breaching method you want them to use on a door (C2 & CLEAR vs SHOTGUN & CLEAR)
  • DOA conversions!
    • Hostages who start out as incapacitated may become a DOA after 10-15 minutes.
    • Allowing hostages to become DOA may reduce your score.
    • This was added to increase the incentive to complete missions quickly.

All Changes

  • Added campaign co-op
  • Added SAS weapons
  • Added Less Lethal Remington M870 (Less Lethal version of an SAS weapon)
  • Added JSP, AP, 0 buck, 1 buck, 4 buck ammo types
  • Added player permadeath option
  • Added officer permadeath option
  • Civilians who are incapacitated at the start of the level can now become DOA after 5-10 minutes. Allowing a hostage to become DOA will have a negative effect on your score.
  • Officers may now take cover and crouch
  • Doors breached with the shotgun are not "swung open." Only C2 can "blast a door open."
  • Broken doors can now be closed and wedged
  • Shotguns no longer show the Pick Lock or Deploy C2 fire interfaces - firing will try to blast open the door instead.
  • C2 can now break door alarms
  • The equipment menu has been changed to use dropdown boxes for the weapon and ammo types, determined by category
  • Added advanced information panel to Armor equipment tab
  • Added campaign statistics information to Campaign Selection menu
  • Completely redid the New Equipment menu to handle two unlocks properly
  • Suspects can now employ a "wandering" behavior that allows them to pick patrol points randomly.
  • Snipers can now be used in multiplayer. Leaders can control the viewport, and all players receive notifications.
  • Suspect equipment is only available in Multiplayer and All Missions campaigns now
  • Issuing a FALL IN command will now have the officers reload their weapons automatically
  • Added new voting configuration options for server hosts: TiesWin, CallCastVote, MinVoters, and NonVotersAreNo. You can edit them in Swat4x.ini/Swat4xDedicatedServer.ini. See Default.ini for more information.
  • Taunt feature now differentiates between belligerent and passive hostages
  • At the end of a multiplayer game, the next map is listed just above the Ready button
  • Mission Completed accounts for 40 points in the score, instead of 45.
  • No civilians injured bonus removed, replaced with All Civilians Uninjured which awards points based on the number of civilians that were rescued unharmed.
  • Cut dialogue restored: Suspects will now mourn the death of their fellow suspects
  • Cut dialogue restored: Suspects will now apologize when shooting each other
  • Cut dialogue restored: Hostages will now freak out when other hostages die
  • Cut dialogue restored: Officers will now correctly report when they do not have grenade launcher ammo
  • Cut dialogue restored: Officers will now report when they are using grenades
  • Cut dialogue restored: Officers will now report when they are using pepper spray, less lethal shotgun, or grenade launcher
  • Fixed SEF bug: SWAT officers using full auto; suspects not using full auto
  • Fixed SEF bug: Handcuffs not playing sound properly and popping back up during use
  • Fixed SEF bug: Civilians can trigger traps
  • Fixed SEF bug: Manager on Meat Barn having glasses on backwards (special thanks to sandman332 for this fix)
  • Fixed SEF bug: Bullets that lose all of their momentum due to drag cause bleeding/impact effects
  • Fixed SEF bug: Less Lethal Shotgun, Grenade Launcher causing penalties when it's not supposed to
  • Fixed SEF bug: Log being spammed with messages about trap penalties
  • Fixed SEF bug: Log being spammed with "Fast trace blocked!"
  • Fixed SEF bug: AI-controlled officers not shouting for compliance correctly in some situations
  • (possibly) Fixed SEF bug: Crash related to AimAroundAction
  • Fixed TSS bug: Night vision goggles alerting AIs. The idle hum sound effect can alert AIs from around corners etc
  • Fixed TSS bug: Explosion effects (from gas cans, nitrogen cans etc) not alerting AIs
  • Fixed TSS bug: Office workers on Department of Agriculture having broken morale levels (special thanks to sandman332 for this fix)
  • Fixed TSS bug: P90 having bad first person position (thanks to Ryo Ohki for this fix)
  • Fixed TSS bug: M249 SAW having bad first person position (thanks to Ryo Ohki for this fix)

Truly the most comprehensive Swat 4 mod to date, can't wait for the next release!

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Great !

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looks good :-)

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I cannot believe this is really happening :o

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Hi, how i can download this? i am new... PLS HELP!!!

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