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Legend of dungeon is released, and we've got a new trailer too! Change log and links inside!

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The release version of the game is now out!

We also have a new launch trailer! LEGEND OF PARTY

If you want to go around today giving everyone the link to the game, it’s right here: we’d really appreciate the mention on FB, Twitter, forums, etc!

Version Skeleton Changelog:

  • Fixed a Secret thing Fixed the
  • Vampire not re-aggroing after bats
  • Added Minotaur’s rare item
  • Added the Devil’s rare item
  • Added Shotgun
  • Added Sickle
  • Added Katana
  • Added tons of new sound effects
  • Made light potions more awesome
  • Doors now tint if you have been through them once.
  • AI is now aware of Lava! (finally!)
  • Made some tiles not spawn at the ends of rooms (like the lava bridge)
  • Blacksmith Upgrades suck less
  • Moved version name into the options menu

We still have a lot more to add!Unfortunately, we returned from PAX Prime with the PAX Pox AND the Nerd Flu ;_; and that set us back… on the plus side, it just means updates with more content are coming, including the eventual Stretch goals for Pets and unlockable Classes!
If you bought the game on our website but haven’t gotten your Steam key yet, here is how you get it:
Don’t forget to recommend it to your Steam friends too! Spread the love!
Thanks for reading, and for being an awesome community!!

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