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Yes, this amazing mod is available online. You should download it, and play it a lot.

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I should have put this on MOD DB long ago. There's a reason why people say it's one of the best games ever. Cuz it's pretty cool. Like seriously, check the pics, and the vid, and get ready for a ridiculously fun Action RPG.

Fully featured. Be a knight, wizard or archer.
Ride a horse, boat or flyin' creature.
Fight Dragons, slimy land fish and killer ghosts.
Use trickery, invisibility, and pet bees to rid the world of evil.
Read incredibly long stories as told by the shopkeepers, and king.
Farm turnips.

To play this mod, first download and install Meteor 2

Then download Ravagers of time, and extract it into the Meteor 2 install folder.

Run Meteor 2, and load the mod from the load mod menu.


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