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Introducing Announcers that will be presented in future PVKII!!

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Hello, friends!
It's been a wee while since we've put news up, so here it be.

A little problem that's affected PVKII for a while is getting your team to act like a team - to go after objectives, to be aware of enemies, to defend, to protect chest carriers and so on. Part of an ongoing initiative we're expanding on with PVKII's development, what with the new voices and such, is to bring more personality and flavor to the game whilst simultaneously encouraging objective-based teamplay and functionality (and FUN).

We're implementing team-specific Announcer voices to let you know what's going on in-game whether you're in a scrap with some cheeky Pirates or running boldly away from some furious Vikings!

We've called upon some of the mightiest names, the most ferocious warriors from the world of themed metal music. Our Knight team announcer is known as Lord Jaldaboath, Grand Guitarist Inquisitor, Knight of the Keyboard Realms, Officer of Oratory and Sovereign Grand Songwriter General of his gloriously eponymous musical troupe, Jaldaboath.

Listen to them! Buy their things if you like, too!

Here are some more tasty sound samples:
Defend Territory
Call to Arms
We're Losing!
Capture Territories
We're Winning!

In other news, PVKII is now on the Steam Translation Servers! This will help keep our translations updated and allow us to add new content more efficiently. If you're interested in helping translate, head on over to the STS Site for more information!

That's all for today. Oh - do stop by our forum on your way out and leave your impressions of all this lark. We'd appreciate it verily.
We'll be showing off who we've got lined up for the other announcers soon. You'll like 'em!

Bingo Bango & The PVKII Team


All the links seem to not link anywhere.

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yaarrrrr... Fix the links arrrrr....

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.sverek Author

Very very sorry. Should be fixed now.

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wow those voices are really bad, they need a lot more work

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