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You can now support DC Conversion or my other projects with your donations!

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Update: as of February 2018 I'm no longer accepting donations. Thanks for your consideration!

The donations are completely voluntary. All my work is free and always will be!

After some fighting with PayPal I finally managed to find a way to receive donations. Thank you for your great moral support so far! Here's some information explaining why I need donations and how you can help me:

Hi again, I'm PkR. I make mods for the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX and I like reverse engineering SADX and Dreamcast Sonic Adventure. This page is for people who would like to donate to support my projects and give me motivation to work on new things.

Since the majority of my followers are willing to donate (according to a Twitter poll I ran previously), I decided to set up this page and see how it goes. I didn't want to set up a Patreon because I felt it would be unfair to leech on recurring donations without necessarily creating something new every month, so instead here is a Ko-Fi link for one-time donations:


That said, if you want to donate more than once you're more than welcome and I really appreciate it!

When making a donation, you agree that:

  1. Although you can suggest what you'd like to see in future mods, please understand that I don't do paid mod requests or provide paid priority support (I offer support with my mods to everyone and for free, whenever I have time for it). Your donations will give me additional motivation to work on SADX mods, which may or may not result in new releases/updates. Please donate only if you want to thank me for the content I have already released rather than request new content or updates - simply because I can't guarantee you I'll keep making new stuff forever. You can find a list of projects I've worked on at the bottom of this page.
  2. Your donations will not necessarily be invested into SADX modding. I may use some of the money to hire a professional artist to create HD textures for the HD GUI mod (please indicate if you want your donation to be used that way) or buy something for my computer/Dreamcast that may help with mod development, but I may also use the money from donations for entirely unrelated things. At the moment I really need to repair or replace my laptop, which is the main computer I use for mod development.

Finally, here's a list of SADX-related projects I have created or contributed to:

SADX Dreamcast Conversion mods - a series of mods that restore Dreamcast Sonic Adventure levels, textures, object models, sounds, effects and branding in SADX PC, which include:

  • A high resolution Sonic Adventure title screen with an animated water ripple effect (comes with the DC Branding mod).
  • All Action Stages, Adventure Fields, Sub Games, boss fights and Chao Gardens with Dreamcast textures, objects, effects and object placement. This includes the famous Casinopolis Cowgirl from the Japanese version of SA1!
  • Dreamcast water wave effect in Emerald Coast.
  • SADX Style Water for Dreamcast level mods (included in DC Conversion): adds higher quality SADX-like animated water textures to DC mods.
  • Sound Overhaul 2: a mod that adds back some missing sounds and replaces almost all sounds in SADX with higher quality sounds ripped from the Dreamcast version.
  • HD GUI 2*: a mod that replaces almost all GUI elements in SADX PC with higher-resolution assets.

*The link in the post is no longer functional, but the mod is included in the DC Conversion mod package. Most of the textures in this mod I made or upscaled myself, but it also includes textures made by other people, who are credited in the readme/changelog.

Dreamcast DLC recreations for SADX PC: for the first time in many years you can experience downloadable content that was previously available only for the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure.

A universal mod installer that is compatible with all versions of SADX PC and can work online and offline.

Older mods made by me:

Egg Carrier Chao Garden ocean fix: a mod that enables ocean animation in the Egg Carrier Chao Garden in SADX PC.

Mystic Ruins Final Egg base fix: a fixed (better looking) model of the Final Egg base in the Mystic Ruins jungle.

Other projects I have worked on or contributed to:

Lantern Engine (Dreamcast/Palette Lighting mod) for SADX: this mod developed by SonicFreak94 is a recreation of the lighting engine used in the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure. I reverse engineered the PL file format used by the engine, and occasionally I help with development of the mod by offering fixes/suggestions and testing accuracy. I am also using the API developed by the author of this mod to improve lighting accuracy in my Dreamcast mods.

PLEdit: a tool to view/edit palettes used by the lighting engine in SA1 and the Lantern Engine mod in SADX PC.

The Ultimate Guide to SADX Sins: a blog dedicated to detailed comparisons between Dreamcast, Gamecube and PC versions of Sonic Adventure / DX with a specific focus on changes in SADX that can be considered downgrades.

Thank you for reading and following my projects, and feel free to contact me on Twitter if you have any questions!


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