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Cloned Cube is back and ready to mod with podcasts, updates, pics, and more!

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November/December Update
How long has it been since we last saw each other? Too long. But have no fear, Cloned Cube is back and ready to mod. Even though I have had an onset of delays with Source Filmmaker, school, and traveling, I'm hard at work for the mod. So enjoy this November/December update and remember to keep following the mod.

First on the agenda for Cloned Cube is podcasts. I have decided to take up podcasting. Now, this is by no means a "professional" broadcast or something I'll keep doing over and over. It is though, a way to share my thoughts through the easiest way possible, speaking. Speaking is a way to get my ideas and thoughts out and it's fun so give them a listen below:
SoundCloud Podcast 10/25/12
SoundCloud Podcast 11/25/12

Quicker Updates
Updating mods is never really easy. There is plenty of stuff I have to fix up, compile, test, and when all that's done, I have to upload it and share the news. Well, I found a better way. Rather than zipping up all the files every big update and sending it out, from now on, I'm going to use a public, easy accessible folder via SugarSync.

While I don't think you can have it update on your computer automatically just yet, you can visit the SugarSync page and download the files to your computer immediately in a zip file.
The advantages are that I no longer have to compress everything up to a zip file, instead I can just plop the changes into the folder and it syncs. If you want to keep updated on these minor updates, just follow the new Tumblelog I made specifically for updates posted in this folder.
As you may have seen, I've taken quite an interest in modeling lately. All of modding and Cloned Cube has been about expanding my skillset. Source SDK allows you to have all the responsibilities of creating a game with none of the commercial licensing stuff. So I have taken a lot of time lately working on models. You can see some of them here and download the model pack for GMOD too.

And finally, some more pictures and videos:

Well, this is about all I have to say about Cloned Cube right now so remember if you're not tracking the mod already, to do so. Since December is the month of MOTY awards, I'll be updating the page a lot more too. I say this again, Cloned Cube still has a long time to go. But, I'm not giving up yet and I hope you guys don't either. The community has been behind me since day one so I hope that you continue to show support despite the slow development cycle right now.
Also, remember if you like Cloned Cube, vote it up in the Mod of the Year Awards too!

- cubis

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* I apologize that some of the embedded content within this article had to be just screenshots linked to the content, but ModDB has some restrictions on embedded iFrames.

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