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Release info for 1.2 including anticipated release window and some of the features that will be included.

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Version 1.2 is close to completion, but there have been some slow-downs in the final stages due to personal schedules and technical problems. Having said that we are very focused on getting this next release out but we are now looking at it being close to a Christmas release.

Some features that will be included;

  • Tier 3 defense upgrades
  • More upgrades available to ground units (more repair drones, speed upgrades, railguns, armor upgrades etc.)
  • Better game economy
  • More changes to Scrin to further define their play style
  • More stealth options when attacking bases for Nod
  • AA ground units more effective
  • Some upgrades can now be researched and then apply globally, such as the dig-in ability which once researched has no cost at the unit level which means infantry will not stop half way into making a bunker.
  • Structure caps to stop AI spamming one structure (e.g. Refineries)
  • GDI & Nod commandos effective against any vehicle, not just tier 3's
  • Infantry heal when near barracks
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