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November progress update on the mod and other projects.

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So as always we open with the tired old trope of progress is chugging along slowly.

Coding and texture creation are adding to the slow pace. Coding is almost completely done just working out a bug where two of the NPC groups who should go into rag the minute they see each other don't.

Texture wise it's always something - make some brushes and go "oh, I need a texture like this"......... and it doesn't exist in any of the vanilla WAD files. Also have to trim down the existing WADs as when I merged BS into HL several doubles appeared. Near as I can tell BS took what they needed from vanilla HL added their own and released the WAD.

In other project news there's a faint possibility of doing some work for a Fallout 4 mod. The FO4 Creation Kit isn't very friendly at times.

I'm also working on a map for TWHL Tower Source. Mapping for Source is quite different and I'm learning as I go. Basewise yea blocks plus textures equals rooms, but beyond that triggers and models (aka "props") have changed in how they operate or are something new like "Instances" which is a map inside a map.

That's all for now,



Quite the busy camper with 3 potential projects in the works! ;)

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