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November update, not much. Feature some weapon concept art.

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Sorry, I almost forgot to leave an update, thanks to Skyrim :). Last month was fairly quiet, and not as productive as usual, but we're slowly gaining back speed.

Here's some nice weapon concept Railgun131 worked on, just so this update doesn't feel too empty:

On the coding side, we ported some, gun using npcs from hl2 to do some test, and found lots of weird problems, like npcs firing at the player but the player receive no damages. The animation states also don't behave the same in single player and multplayer, and the aiming system doesn't work in singleplayer 8|. Anyways, we'll get it all fixed don't worry, but if any of you reading this is a source engine programmer, feel free to share if you have any ideas.

Here's a little very early look at our work-in-progress climbing and wall hanging system, it will work differently in the final mod though, and will actually have animations :)

We're also in need of a modeller, since our current one will be busy with work for a while. So if you're interested feel free to apply.

Well that's all for this month.

Domo01 - - 450 comments

It's looking pretty good for wip stuf :O I really love the over the shoulder first person view thing :D

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psy_commando Author
psy_commando - - 73 comments

Thanks :)

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