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Can you imagine a child of Sudoku and Minesweeper, raised by Tarantino? That's our game. "Sorry, James" is a text-based puzzle game, driven by non-linear thriller story, played on old PC screen. Your job is to decrypt chat between Thomas Beker, genius, perfect AI creator, and his girlfriend, Elisa, generic girl. What can be in common between two such different people? What can be hidden in their conversations?

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  • STORY. Witness non-usual storytelling, which revolves around hacking a love story.
  • DIALOGUES. Based on a chat with real people, psychology researches, and real-life conversations.
  • VISUAL. Dive into office atmosphere with elements of a thriller in retro style graphics.
  • GAMEPLAY. Unique puzzle experience mix inspired by Sudoku and Minesweeper.
  • LEVELS. Half a hundred levels that will satisfy both hardcore and casual players with up to 3-6 hours of gameplay.
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