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Progress report plus estimated time of completion, plus mention of our new header.

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As I said in the NPZF2 post I am going to go ahead and give the report, a day early.

I have been working a lot on this map, this was the first map that I started really filling the space in the map (see the old screens in the images section).

I have finished most of the original map that was already created and have been now focusing on the outer area that you will be able to see.

I have changed from the old perspective to it being more like a fortress when looked at from the outside. Huge walls, maybe some battlements, and watch towers along the walls. The walls themselves are hollow and give access to the top from the ground.

I do not know how long this part will take me to finish, most likely the better part of this week. With that in mind I am going to go ahead with my previous estimation of two weeks to finish this map off.

I will post up a progress report every 4 days, maybe with a screen shot or two of the areas I am working on.

As you may have noticed we have changed our Header from the old one. Thought it was time to get rid of it (really old PS work on my part, was when I was first getting into it lol).

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