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A new version of Nova Aetas has been released! This patch will solve many issues player reported including the siege tower bugs, balance, Turguhn Invasion and more. Keep in mind new features are added.

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This version of Nova Aetas fixes many bugs and inssues players have reported.
It improves leaving from Zendar, adds firearms to shops and firearms skill. Furthermore the Acztaoc Empire is much
stronger now. Their armour and weapon stats are improved twice. The Agonic Order has more troops.
The siege tower bug is fixed in all maps and players can use abilities in all scenes; sieges, looting, defending villages and
sea battles.

About the Turguhn Invasion bug, I hope I was able to fix this.
The Horde will conquer the east at once to prevent issues. New types of armour, weapons, boots have been added.
Nice helmets with plumes and plate armour. Not to forget special, expensive swords with own unique names.
These are extremely powerful. Version 1.2 also brings a huge rebalance. For all armour and helmets the stats are now corresponding with prices.

An interesting addition is the new companion Aeric the Navigator. This is a character from the stories, created by Blackwater.


- Fixed messy messages about kingdom upgraded to new tech level
- Less religious items in merchants inventories
- Sailing to New World from Zendar improved. Upon leaving from harbour,
you will spawn directly at the ocean to prevent annoying returns to Zendar
- Bridge battles no longer result in sea battles
- All glitches removed and fully optimized Vaegir street scenes
- Fixed dialogue where player thanks himself for giving gift to lord
- Lords and their parties will show same names now
- Fixed messy weekly report screen after building personal castle
- Balance: Acztaoc overall armour, hitpoints and weapons stats 2x stronger
- Error: 'Invalid opcode -214748364' fixed
- Fixed own religion in character screen not showing up correctly
- Now able to use swing attack with Bardiches
- New option added to stop technological investment
- Buying slaves now check how much gold you have
- Fixing not being able to visit multiple street scenes in owned towns
- Dungeons can be entered from street now
- Added tournament master for Zendar
- Added more options like 'Add 1 unit of ...' at construction site
- Removed items for levies/recruits to prevent weapon switches all time
- Fixed weekly kingdom budget not showing up upon pressing 'enter'
- Added spawn points for Acztaoc villages (loot & burn scene)
- Muskets appearing in shops now
- Firearms skill is now displayed in character screen
- Fixed lods of Churburg Armour being strange
- Now you can find atleast 2 gathering tools in every town
- Added leg armour to heavy plate armour types
- ? Fixed party disappearing on map at random times (need to be confirmed)?
- Balance: lowered rents gaining from residents with 53%.
- No longer being able to proclaim Calradic Empire multiple times
- You're completely free in chosing name of kingdom after proclaiming Calradic Empire, without any prefix
- Turguhn Horde will conquer east of Calradia at once, to prevent bugs
- Game will check for free room in inventory, before adding colony resources
- Game will check for free room in inventory upon farming, quarrying and woodcutting too
- Fixed messy scene of Ryibelet Castle
- Kartand will never be lost by Turguhns now
- Fixed crash upon entering hall of lord in Senuzgda
- Added female leader titles for female player
- Completely rebalanced armour and helmets to make stats matching their prices

- 2 types plate armour
- 3 helmets with plume
- Jackboots
- 6 types of brigandines
- New names, armour, weapons and faces for companions
- New companion: Aeric the Navigator


Nice new version, hopefully this mod will get better and better with all these new "patches".

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Loving the mod, but all I get for village tasks, is train for bandit raids... I saw this mentioned elsewhere, but thought I'd mention it again.

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it wont let me recruit troops from the city i have more than enough gold but i keeps sayin i dont have enough money

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