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Adding new Abnormality, Adding Ordeal System, Adding 4 random events and Delete existing random event, Applying camera effects, Adding a Tumblbug Sponsor Employee Name, Bug fixes, and Next update notice

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06/20 18:20 fixed

  • Fixed a problem where new Abnormality did not appear
  • Fixed error log of burned girl's work log
  • Fixed English text in O-04-66-W
  • Random event probability increase adjustment
  • Midnight time-out adjustment

1. Add new Abnormality

  • F-01-37-H

  • O-04-66-W

2. Add Ordeal System
The Ordeal, a random event system, is added.

From day 21 onwards, ordeals appear according to conditions.
The level of ordeals is a total of four stages, with Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Midnight.

As you can see from the above table, the level of ordeals that can appear as the day progresses gradually increases.
You can see the maximum level of ordeals that can appear on the date in the Deploy part.

3. Add 4 random events and Delete existing random event
Random events that have appeared before are scheduled to appear after more reinforcement.

4. Apply camera effects
Several effects have been applied to the InGame camera.

5. Add a Tumblbug Sponsor Employee Name
We added the names of employees who sponsored crowdfunding at Tumblbug in 2015.

6. Bug fixes

  • Some Abnormalities sound came out of deploy parts
  • Work logs of some works are displayed incorrectly
  • Some corridors were not visible when big bird and Apocalypse bird escaped
  • Some of the departments did not see the door
  • The sound of the Silent Orchestra is distorted when moving the camera
  • The Magical girl did not give fear damage
  • Could not continue when removing custom MOD employee's sprite

7. Next update notice

  1. UI reorganization

  2. Strengthen the story part

    Story parts so far did not affect the game much.
    The story part reorganization will change the story part and the management part to more closely affect each other.

If you have the problem after updating, please send us an email referring to the link below.

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