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Here's a short list of what I'm doing at the moment, and what to expect soon!

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Hey guys, I'm sorry I have no new news to show off. I'm working on more...behind the scenes stuff, I guess you could call it, such as voices for this first part and I'm also fixing up the level. Thanks to OverturnStick, I have a whole site full of new textures to put in my building, so I'm going to be working with those as well.
I'm also trying to fix up the already-shown custom skins for the NPC's. Along those lines, I'm working on new hand skins, so you won't have to have the boring HEV suit, which would be strange considering you are not Gordon Freeman. Sorry. =P
Another thing I am trying to figure out how to do is how to make a custom HUD. I'm sure I'll get that working soon enough, and once all these are done, I can continue work on the first level. And, of course, show them to all of you folks! Have a good day, peoples, and soon enough the update will arrive for those who care! =D

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