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It turned out, while reading your feedback we found out, that many of you don't fully understand what our game story is about.

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Hello, friends!

It turned out, while reading your feedback we found out, that many of you don't fully understand what our game story is about. That is why we have decided to explain you this one more
clearly. As we have mentioned before, the story of our game takes place at the north of Russia, in a district of X village. There was an accident that took place near of that village.
That territory was fenced by the government, therefore human has lost control of it. Now those places is ruled over by the wild animals, and they are feeling themselves like owners. We
are trying to fully bring the game atmosphere to reality. What it is about? Let's see:
-The game will not contain zombies, monsters and something like that. Only real human beings and animals of real world.
- you will not find any weapon or things that is not in accord with these places and years.
If you like fishing, hunting, or may be you like nature, may be you love adventures or have a wish to survive in the truest sense of the word, if you wanna feel yourselves in extreme
circumstances - this game is for you!
What player will be doing there?
First of all, have to hunt, earning himself the meat, skin, bones, tendons, etc. What can you do with meat? If you have no means to cook the meat, you may eat it raw,
but this way you have a risk to be poisoned or to be ill. You can also use meat like way of bait for predators and for fishing. With skin you can make up cloth, belts, rope, bag, tent and sleeping bag.
With bones you can make up needles, glue, calls and fish-hooks. Sinew - thread, rope. Players will also be able to build temporary shelters (shelter), put up tents.
It will be necessary to monitor their clothes, so that it was in the good state, dry and warm. You will be hungry. You will always be afraid of someone or something. It will be cold and wet. You will be ill and damaged.
The game will have weapons and gear. The firearms will only be hunting shot: horizontal, vertical; rifled: semi-automatic, with the gate and the front sight; combined.
The bladed weapons are knives, axes, spears, bows. The fishing gear are: loops, traps, fishing rods and so on. These all can be used by player like means of self-protection.
What animals you can be faced with in the territory?
Predators: wolf, tiger, bear, lynx. Herbivores: deer, roe deer, wild boar, elk. Fish: grayling, goldilocks, pike, catfish, carp, chum. Game birds: pheasant, grouse, mallard, teal.

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