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Notes: v2.7 was developed before 1.4 game patch so there might be some inconsistencies.....

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Bad news....well, we have some problems with big DLC files patching. So again, we don't know how long it will take to find a new patcher or other solution.

v2.7 was developed before 1.4 game patch so there might be some inconsistencies for players, who has updated the game till latest release (as far i've heard 1.4 cancels some multiplayer ralated parts like waves. But its possible that SP might be affected too). v2.7 works pretty well without 1.4 patch ( and it seems that patch 1.4 havent messed up anything in the mod so far). For the sake of publishing something faster, this release will stay as it is.

If developers have time aside from their daily occupations, v2.8 should be tested and adjusted with applied 1.4 patch, groundside resistance pack, retaliation DLC, Omega DLC. v2.8 could be published most probably in January, 2013 or later. Please, don't be mad. I know how hard is to wait for something awesome, especially if you are a true fan, but there are these problematic overrides in DLCs, which makes modding longer to reach desired results or fix it to the previous functionality.

Let's hope world doesn't end in 2012.

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