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Notes for the game to do with storyline, twists, and basically things to remember.

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Main Characters:
Gerry - Player
Sharp - Main Female Character
Ryan - Guy that you meet and gets killed
Josh - ?
Will - ?
Lance - Head of the Prison

Darren - Guard at the start of the game

Zombies and Encounters:
Classic Zombies - Basement and The Pit
Screamer - Settlement
Poison Zombie - Basement
Infected - Laboratory
Mutant - Laboratory

Scripted Events and Cinematic Events to take place at some point:

  • Fast Zombie or another strong zombie bending bars of a wall while looking at the player then running off.
  • Piles of classic slow zombies bursting out of a small room and attacking the player.
  • Ryan bashing on a window at the player mumbling words to let him out then him getting killed by a zombie. The zombie eventually gets killed and the player see's Josh.
  • Prison outbreak
  • Walls smashing and zombies bursting out of them and attacking the player leaving a room behind with messages and such.

Buttons / Door Ideas

  • Switch boxes left around the map that control power to room / doors and other little things instead of simple buttons.
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