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Along side a new trailer with a more intense and gothic feeling, I developed one of the first bosses you'll encounter in Night of the Blood Moon.

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Hello Everyone!

Today Steam accepted all the credentials to open the steam page up. I'm sure for many developers this is a a small bump in the process, but to me it's a milestone.


Night of the Blood Moon's solo developer, Tyler, here. This week Night of the Blood Moon's Kickstarter hit 70% which is absolutely surreal. With this being my first game, and something I've been throwing myself at for months now I am over the moon. To anyone who decides to help me get solid music for this, thank you. That is what this Kickstarter is all about.. the music; Picking up where I slack.


Something else cool that premeired this week for me is The Conductor Boss! (Video Below).
The conductor sleeps until 3 triggers activate it. Upon activation it'll roam around conducting the level's instruments to fire at you, the player. If you are able to kill all the instruments before the conductor he'll run around useless and crying. We'll be building the reward for doing this on stream next week!

Bosses in Night of the Blood Moon should be engaging, and more than just stupidly strong tanks. Enter the Gungeon does this well with it's large boss rooms, elaborating on the bullet gameplay. Instead of copying Enter the Gungeon or Nuclear Throne I'd like to bring new challenges.

Again, thank you to anyone and everyone who follows, and supports me on this venture. I am stupidly excited to premier myself into the indie gaming market, and then probably get a part time job to support my next game LOL! Everyone has to start somewhere!

Night of the Blood Moon's sole developer,


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