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the above tells it all "not something that big !" simply a thing i wanted to share to let you all know that the mod is still in work (having been in exams and no time to work i still tried to do somethings)

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the good news is i'm still working not like what some are thinking its not dead not when i'm here i really don't care when bannerlord will come out cuz i'll not stop working on this mod as well (maybe making one for banner lord as well if this one got good feedback who knows!!)

so as u all know this mod have about 30 factions but as i was studying japan history (i studied this more then my studies in university lol) i think it will be more then that i know huge work but i have a lot of time (means i won't stop !) maybe 40 with some minor clans still not sure but i'm sure it will have more then 30clans that's for sure!

another thing i wanted to ask i was like between 50% to 50% and i really would love to have a good feedback about these this mod is trying (well i'm trying my best) to be historical and realistic as possible so i was having some ideas(not sure if that's the correct word to describe but aww....) i wanted to have at least some of these features :

  1. perma death and injuries : like i don't want the hero to be a super hero who can't die lol so yeah you can die (u have a chance to both die or survive) so each and every battle will count even against looters for example (or weaker enemies) in reality it was like this or at least close to this please tell me what you think about this
  2. sea travel (unlimited = free) and sea battles : i sometimes liked to play as a pirate used to recruit them (after saving them in gekokujo mod wich is a great mod i'll put a link for it for anyone who want to check it out) and be a pirate but the problem was i can't be in sea a pirate in land only so yeah i wish to know what you think about this raiding ships sometimes raiding villages (of course you will get a chance to have a nice base to operate from it)
  3. buildable castles : i really wanted to have this with costume japanese scenes building a castle from scratch wooden to stone walls and from maybe a small house headquarter to a castle who knows so i wanna know your opinion since a lot of castles were build in japan in that era
  4. one hit kill : this might be annoying i know but in battle (and remember this mod is trying to be realistic) u would fall after being hit once or twice with an arrow or with a sword i know the armors would help a little but this would make formations and tactics more important and the life of a daimyo( u or other clans daimyos) and generals (again u or your vessels or companions) important and need to be defended so battles are more important now whether you have the numbers or not (just see how oda nobunaga ended the imagawa's attack and made a name of him self in that era with tactics regardless of being outnumbered he killed the enemy "daimyo" and won )
  5. no hero shit (i know it will give more problems and more work to do lol but who cares as long as it turn to be good) so yeah no hero shit anymore no lord being a hero or a daimyo or companion all are normal heroes like soldiers they can die they can be garrisoned to protect a place
  6. no castles ( now i know this is weird how are we gonna play if there is no castles only towns ) yep i found out lately that castles had people living outside of it not only in side it had markets (not all of them but most of them) they were like a mini version of a town but made for battles and stuff (now i know "WTF is he saying here)but what if you can get any castle and still be able to trade with it buying food from the locals and weapons and armors from the guys making them there but for towns they are gonna be more hard to take bigger then castles walls protecting both the inside and some of the outside so you need to take down many walls to get to the center and fight many troops as well
  7. now now the part that i would love to see (i know some will hate it) huge armies so battles can be enjoyed with death possibilities you can for example throw a general or some troops to hold down the enemies for you so you and you daimyo or some other generals can escape without being killed (and there is a great honor in doing so and falling in battle ) you can do it as well while ordering them to run but be careful not to die or forget to run when out numbered so more men defending places more mens to fight so you can expect an army of 20000 imagawa men attacking you or oda or any clan you are serving (or your own as well)
  8. special places : for example temples and stuff would you love to see that
  9. now to one of the most important question Hokkaido island : do you want it to stay empty (only one town and one castle)and historical accurate for the time this mod is set in or do you want it to more lively with maybe adding the Ezo tribes as well as some other tribes fictional or real don't care as factions while giving them some castles and towns (so only that part of the map will be non-historical accurate)and well ....more lively so if someone want to fight in that uncivilized part of japan be my guest but be aware that if i added this you will have hard time surviving there)

these are stuff i'm gonna do for sure now or later :

  1. diplomacy : will be improved i hope : so marriage alliances can be forged and much more (it will take time but again .... XD)
  2. weapons : are more simplified no many katanas only few better once for high tier troops or nobles
  3. armors each lord (hopefully i can do that to more then 200 vessel lol) will have costume armors and stuff daimyo will have everything costume date will have his own known helmet and so on the players will also have some stuff left for him to chose from
  4. economy will be improved
  5. animations : fighting will be more improved then native
  6. war cries and stuff like that ; you will hear your self giving orders (i'm working on getting permission to use japanese voices now so i won't get my ass kicked later lol if i can't get some well i'll have to try making some with my shitty voice and shitty mic lol so you can enjoy it for sure)

and many more for later!!

now there will be an option two def files one with realism options and features for guys who want it and another version without those only minor stuff for guys who don't want them (but will take the fun out)

now tell me what you think of the above !! and just a bonus :

  • more then 60+ town and 200+ castles and so far 450+ villages some are not historical accurate just added for game balancing so expect the map to be chaotic (its the Sengoku jidai what did you expect lol)
  • some improved scenes
  • more then 300 items so far others are work in progress (working a lone takes time but is fun enjoying using blender!!)
  • many japanese models (the biggest one is Kyoto castle which will have hopefully after being finished more then 6 floors so fighting to the top will be hard while getting rained with arrows from each floor others will be done as well so more variety more fun
  • costume scenes and places like temples and stuff
  • more then 150 vessels were done and others are in progress
  • hopefully i just started creating backgrounds for companions so when i'm done with lords i'll start working on new ones from scratch
  • hopefully in the future i'll be able to add a storyline campaign to the single player i have a great story i've written before and i got nice feedback on it from the people i showed they said it was good (damn that made me happy ToT)

now i'll not post a thing for a while since i'll try to focus on working (i'm taking my time to make something better since i don't wanna rush it and give you a shitty thing to play then i feel sad that you didn't like it and have a quite rage lol)i'll only check for the next few days or maybe a week or so to see the feedback then i'm out for until i have something to share cya!!and again thanks to all who helped me spc gekokujo mod maker go check his amazing mod here :

and the maker of gekokujo sub mod Sugoroku check it here as well :

and all who i forgot to mention !!

Now before i say goodbye again i know there are writing mistakes and i'm pretty sure i forgot something but i'm super lazy and tired to correct them and i wrote this while being super tired now bye-bye!!

YouNean DevTeam Head imado552!!


all the best with your exams!!!!

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imado552 Author

thanks!! i'll need it all XD!

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imado552 Author

comments like this really makes me happy and more motivated thanks buddy!!

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Good luck with the exams, imado.
Now to the actual feedback of your ideas, perhaps
1) Perma-death and injuries are too hardcore. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on/off in option.
2) Sea traveling with pirates will be awesome, as you can roleplay to be a japanese, chinese or korean pirate,
3) It would be nice.
4) Realistic is possible, but not that 1 hit dead (unless hit in the head without armor) there is adrenaline flowing in the battle you know, the more hardened you are the better? You can contact me at taleworlds forum with the name cokjan/khivalrousbear!
5) No invincible companions, hmph that is also too hardcore. I myself is quite in the middle between casual and hardcore player, so I don't know.
6) Well there should be, but not that much. Like a ratio of 10 towns to 1 castle, probably castle are put in narrow place like mountain pass? Yeah I agree with the armor and weapons merchant, but goods? Buy it in the village tied to the castle outside.
7) Huge armies would be nice.
8) Of course, as long as you can interact with it and it responds lol.
9) Neutral fort as of gekokujo is pretty much interesting enough for hokkaido, but more places for raiding/conquering there would be nice. Recruiting a local minister to create the kingdom of hokkaido would be nice too.

To other things, unique armor to each vassal is too much work for you, a single man. Giving unique armor to the most known daimyo is enough, imado(:
Good luck with the mod!

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imado552 Author

of course as i said above i will either have two def versions one hardcore and the other not or aas u said maybe add options in the mod it self to toggel them on and off and thank you for your feedback it helps me a lot to know how people wanna play and wanna find in this mod
and well i know its a huge work the armors stuff but with time i'll try to do it !!

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maybe in perma-death, you will habaliable to pick other man of the garrison as a new leader.

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imado552 Author

i think that would be hard to do ..i'll try and see if i can make it in near future and thank you for your feedback!!!

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Hi Im not a modder at all so I dont know how much work it needs to be put in to make this work or even if it is possible. Most of ideas above sound great however I think some may need a bit of tweaking to make them better, first of all is the perma death and injuries, the injuries are fine as you can add traits like broken leg lose running speed, however the perma death for me might make the game impossible expressly with the 1 hit dying, a tweak to this may be a moral system where if you die your men take a large moral penalty and run away, this could be stopped by having companions as they will act like lieutenants and help command your forces, but this acts both ways meaning you can gen snipe the enemy's commanders and they will brake and run.
My only other tweak would be the castles, as if you want to merge the castles and towns together then that would be cool but you could still have the castles on the map but make them into forts or outposts as you can have them placed into choke points protecting key areas, these of course are weaker but you still have to take time to get them out the way giving the defenders time to mobilise, this could also tie into the the build able castles and outpost quite well.
Sorry for the big wall of text, I hope any of this helps for the future of the mod.

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imado552 Author

your ideas are good and quite interesting spc the moral sys where if the commander is down troops get massive hit of moral (not sure if its possible since i never tried to mess up with those parts of the game but i'll try it) and maybe chose between perma death and injuries and one hit kill i don't know let's see what other people gonna say and thank you for your feedback

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So a quick summary of my thoughts
Perma Death: Have its a an option when you make your character, it's like playing Xcom some people will see the challenge in it.
Sea Travel: I think it's a great idea, though i'm wondering how your are going to work with the traditional ships they are not like regular naval vessels at the time, and would love to see different types ships
Build able Castles: Are you going to add more work for yourself by adding the need to get supplies or pay for it like paying for village upgrades
One hit death: Again it should be an option when making your character, some will attempt it
No Castles: So people are only going to have to siege towns or is it like a push back thing where you fight in the village then fight in the castle?
No more heros: I don't understand the context of this, the AI lord can't be a hero, or your character can't become a lord by being a hero
Diverse Battle: I agree it would be interesting, although I see a problem is that you could waste everyone on your side easily destroying a faction, or are they replaceable?
Special Places: Yes I agree as well, Japan has a lot of places that are important and some that hold more say then other areas
Last One: I say stick to a more historic focus, don't try to over balance it.

Anyway I like most of your idea although would recommend adjustments, and can't wait to see how it turns out.

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imado552 Author

---thank you for your feedback it helps a lot ! what i'm sure now is that so far i'm 60% more historical accurate the rest can't be because how the game work and so i need to do balancing (adding non-historical places names ...etc , changing places and spots of towns castles villages for the sake of game-play so the game would be enjoyable )
the mod is set in the year of 1560 and will have more then 40 factions some minor some major (minor clans will mostly have about 1-2 to a max of 3 castles and or 1 town and the major clans will have more castles and towns and more vessels)
thanks again for your opinion it helps me a lot to know what you people want to have or want to find in this mod!

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I like most of the things that you want to make but permadeath and onehit kill might need some tweaks.Say that permadeath is in a percentage where the more strengh or ironflesh you have the lower the percentage of you dying and as for one hit kill it has one major problem.Although it makes sense that you can die by just 1 hit since we are not tanks but you probably know that mount and blade is not that realistic for its fighting.You cant just hit iron armor and expect blood to spill it would just bounce off.And since i know that you cant implement part specific damage(like hitting under your arm or the space between your helmet since those are only the place that you can really deal good damage without blunt weapon)maybe you should implement 1 hit kills to armor that is leather or cloth not iron armor.It would create a sense that your armor actually worths something other than lowering the damage you take but actually stopping you from one hit kills would be super cool if you could manage that.Sorry if this was long but iexpect full awesomeness from your mod!Good luck with it!!

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imado552 Author

that is really good but we though we should post pone adding that till later for more feedback on it!

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Hello, I've been thinking about playing warband after (maybe year?) and somehow I managed to find your mod (well gekokujo was my favorite).
First of all as far as I've read it's going to be great!
Secondly sorry for (probably many) mistakes in my English and it's going to be a LONG comment, hopefully helpful. :)
... and I'll repeat something from post above in order to keep it complete.
And I have to split it, as there's limit to 5000 characters.

Feedback to features:
1) Perma-death as already told, not mandatory! - it would lose a lot of casual players. Injuries: temporary damaged stats (it's already done in one of GameOfThrones mode and works not that bad)... but I would still keep it as option.
The thing about games is that more realism doesn't always mean more fun.

2) Nice idea, but I would put it somewhere at the end of priorities. If you would be able to do dynamic sea battles - then great, but again, I've seen them in GoT mod and it created a huge number of problems... mostly units falling under the mesh. I have no idea about Warband limitations, so I'll pass on discussion.

3) Buildable castles are nice, but if allowed to AI as well (might be very tricky) it could easily lead to many unintended situations you would have to take care about.
- Too many of those forts over whole map
- Are they destructible? -> to keep them low in numbers
- Will those new castles break single trade route leading to economy collapse in larger area? ... nice to be able to break economy of few cities, but if I'm not wrong... it does not matter that much to AI, does it?

Instead I would go in a way of temporary fortifications. Player (or AI) would be able to build a fortificated camp... something like a wooden frame of a fort.

- Wooden wall around it with a single gate (destructible like it's in gekokujo 3.1 maybe). Also it would be better to not build it as a whole, but instead as logs with spaces for archers to shoot... giving a link to a foto I've found:

If it would be a little tighter, attackers would have it not that hard to shot defenders as well, but still some shots would be blocked by that wall.
(Have no idea how much of a burden it might be for warband is it would require a lot of collision objects... but might be possible. Again if I take an example in gekokujo there are such 'fences' in windows just above gates.

- Few simple (not very high) tower in corners for archers
- In front of the gate few rows of ... don't know how it's called, but it's like spikes used to stop charges and lighten the pressure. It would serve for aesthetic purpose and maybe to make route to the gate a little more curved. Also there could be another spots for archers just behind them... but that might be little too much.
- If defenders are killed, destroy it (or possible capture?). AI would decide if it's near his territory to keep it, else burn it to the ground. (if such check wouldn't be possible, ten just burn it down all the time).
- Need to supply it with provisions? (again if possible) ... and maybe only for player ones.
- Wages at least as if it would be your party (surely not lower as it's used in castles/cities).
- Create a system to allow AI build them as well -> maybe on borders with factions in war... in peace is made, then destroy it. (possible? don't know)

As an real-world example you can take Sunomata fort before the siege of the Inabayama Castle, where (according to a legend) Hideyoshi build it over a night... well if it was quick it surely wasn't anything more, than such simple, but functional 'frame'.

4) One hit-kill. Again NOT mandatory! Also it would be best to have at as separate option to perma-death. As Nitebones suggested, a great damage in morale is awesome idea in that way.
BUT samurai armors were not that weak at all. Survival of few arrows is entirely possible... you would be injured, it would hurt as hell, but especially with adrenaline, you would keep fighting.

Posting a video with amazing tests of those armor:

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Ashigaru is different story. They also used armors, but not that strong and it did not cover that much of a body so one-hit-kill was probably very common there.

5) Again NOT mandatory. There as you've written it would create a LOT of problems. I would also gave it a low priority.

- AI usually fights often and doesn't care about leader at all - which easily could result in most of lords dead. Same goes for the limited number of companions.

You would need a efficient way of creating a system to replace them, or it would end up in 'ghost-city' situation. Examples:
- If lord dies but his party wins and there is some high tier samurai, he will replace him.
- If Daimyo have a lot of lands, but few lords, he will from time to time spawm a new one (like a reward for some of his best warriors.
- If Daimyo dies, lords will vote for a new one (like vote for marshal)... also there could be a chance to spawm rebels instead (more smaller factions) if they don't agree. (Again it might not be possible as I have a feeling that warband can't produce factions in-game, but relies on defined ones. Another option is to turn it to Ikko-Ikky faction instead. :)
- Also allow player, if he has his own faction, to create such lords. Without limitations it would be possible to spam too many of them, but that would be player's own choice and fault, so it's ok by me... if you ruin or make your game too easy deliberately, you can't blame modder,right? :)
(maybe limit him, to create lord only from top-tier troops)

But it would be very interesting and... versatile... if done well.

6) No castles: Good idea (default castles can be used for creating those temporary fortifications). Also maybe some unique items to be only in cities and only in specific cities, like they are specialized in creating of bows, arrows, guns, or naginata etc...

7) Large scale battles... not sure about game's limitations. Warband is pretty old... so I have hard time imagine truly big battles (not to mention people's PC limitations). Also make sure to adapt AI to get enough troops to keep up with such standard to avoid player easily overwhelming everyone with build up economy.
Also keep in mind AI changes for actual battles, as if left without good strategy, it would end up in jams... huge mass of bodies walking to single point.

I would focus more on smarter AI than on bigger battles, it would be a lot more engaging IMO.

8) Special places... well I'm in. But put them in use, otherwise it'll be too much effort for little gain. (Yes, doing it for for feel and fun is great, but you got a LOT to do). :)
I have nothing on my mind right know, maybe I'll come up with something later, if you'll want.

9) I would be for tribes on 100%... as I've told more accurate != more fun.

Other things:
Unique armors for each lord... well again, to much effort for little gain.
Especially if you would allow death, player would probably didn't even seen half of them because of it, and if you would spam new lords, you would have to pick some armor from the poll anyway.

As for too many places... if it would be possible to set it at the beginning of the game? Maybe give each City/Castle/Village binary flag (up to 111) and if player choose low population only those with &1 ... if medium those with &3 and high population -> all of them so &7... as always have no idea about modding limitations.
Another thing is, that with more places, even if you create a lot of scene, there will be a lot of repetitions... so it counters that feeling of many different scenes you've put effort into. So I'm actually for lowering it a little bit as well... even if it wound be optional.

And thats all for now, sorry for long text, but I hope that it'll be in any use for you.
Also if it did help you somehow, let me know if you would want help with anything else (well not anything as I'm terrible artist, and wasn't modding anyting in warband yet, so mainly if you would want help with some design...?) :)

And I can't wait, for another news or maybe release?... :) ... and story mode sounds great! Would love to see that.

Great job and don't forget, such work must always be done with joy!
So make sure to have breaks to keep it up. ;)

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Oh, actually there's a pic of Sunomata fort made in anime called 'Oda Nobuna no Yabou'... it actually fits my descriptions (although I've remember it just now... it had probably been hidden in my subconscious for a long time). :-D
So there's what I meant:

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imado552 Author

our scener(scenes maker) will find this helpful thank you!

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imado552 Author

thank you for the feedback and the informations it will help us a lot !

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