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Well, as far as anything online goes. I want to work on modding, though I can't say what time I will be able to or if it'll even be with Generals Domination.

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Well, as far as anything online goes. I haven't had the time to play video games much even though I very much want to, especially Half-Life 1 and 2 and the expansion and Episodes.

My mod, Generals Domination, that's prettymuch going to be on hiatus until whenever I have interest in Zero Hour again. If I tried to get back into modding it now most of my time would be spent playing vanilla ZH for awhile just to get a feel for all my strategies, tactics, and just how to play the game very well. I mean I can remember a lot of it, but actually being able to physically do all of them and stuff is different and I do not have that ability at the moment. I'm simply out practice.

The few games I have played recently are some of the Gamecube-Era Sonic games and the Half-Life series. I want to play through all of them again, as well as play through some mods like The Citizen and Combine Combat. However, school has prevented me from really having much time to do that at all.

I do still want to bring Generals Domination to a semi-finished state for release. As for Generals Giants, I can safely say that mod is probably just plain cancelled. I didn't have a whole lot of work on it done and for what I intended it to be - a simple joke mod for fun - it'd end up being way more work than I currently feel like I'd want to put into it.

When I do eventually finish up on school, I plan to put a lot more time into my job, probably aiming to work to a management position. Hobby-wise, I plan to work on improving my drawing ability much more and to start doing digital art with Sketchbook or Photoshop, though for what I want to do I'll probably also have to get a new drawing tablet.

I also plan, obviously, to get back into modding, but probably will want to try my hand stuff with Half-Life 2. I have several small missions and mods in mind ranging from one-off small missions, to bigger hour-long campaigns that tie into the Half-Life 2 story one way or another. I even have a mod in mind that's set in the Sonic Universe around the events of Shadow The Hedgehog, with the player taking control of an ordinary GUN Soldier.

Generals Domination may or may not be worked on. It all depends on whether I regain interest in Zero Hour and that playstyle, really.

As for my personal life, there is previously mentioned school taking up a lot of my time, and work. Thankfully the worst of it is likely to be over soon. On a positive note, despite some "drama" with some of my formerly-closest friends, I am enjoying church and am hoping to be able to start growing closer to the Lord again through finally getting back to reading my Bible normally, and praying more often.

So yeah, that's what's been going on with me. School and work have kept me from being able to dabble in gaming and modding like I'd love to, but my personal life is at least going well enough. I can't say when I'll be able to get back into modding, but I hope it's soon. Gaming is fun, and made even more fun by modders.

Peace. :)

-- JCD


Just take it slow man. Deep Impact doesn't make a lot of progress to show. Other mods like Generals Evolution faced an abandoned status before getting up again. Plus, lots of mods like Mental Omega, Death Label and Condition Zero are already released.

You don't need to push yourself when you don't have to. Creativity drives innovation. Although stress drive innovation, you can't do good things without creativity. Take your time, you can't rush art. :)

Also, congrats for getting a gf, does she support your mod as well? :D

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J.C.D. Author

Thanks man. :)

My gf doesn't play games much actually. Not a big deal to me really lol.


I like your quote about creativity.
I do have a lot of ideas still, but I feel like I'd need to get more situated with the game again to be able to do them.

I may look at what I've gotten done so far, write up a list of the changes, and release them at least. Generals Domination's actually got two versions; an old one that I gave up on because I broke it (debris no longer disappear, which bogs down the performance) to an extent where I had no idea how to fix the numerous small bugs that seriously irked me, and my code had become a huge mess. So I restarted development, and produced the much less edited version I have today (mostly because I haven't had as much time or interest to work on it anymore.)

Neither version is very balanced with the gameplay, of course. The scrapped, broken version has kind of made the underpowered generals overpowered and vice-versa, namely Alexander is EXTREMELY powerful if I remember correctly and Dr. Thrax is brought down to being more or less on par with a regular GLA, though perhaps underpowered even then due to some higher costs.

Still, maybe when I have time I'll playtest those two versions and release both of them as open source. What I've done is by no means all that impressive compared to other mods, but nonetheless it's something and I'd love seeing what other people do with what I modded.

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How to Donwload

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