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Just a quick update on, well, Alliance at War. :^)

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Hey, what's new guys? I hope all of you are being good tacticians. I thought I should post something up. Recently I was in a long discussion via Skype over who the good and bad guys are in the Galactic Civil War. It was like a six-way video call and 3 of them I didn't even know. One of them is a supposed modder but I looked up his mod and couldn't find it. Anyway I was sitting there drinking coffee, I felt like I was on CNN 'cause everybody was arguing at everybody and one person was saying how the Alliance is somewhat good, one person called them terrorist. I was like terrorist?! Well I stand by the fact that they're the good guys - remember it was the Empire who enslaved the wookiee race, they shot the princess of Kattada, the destroyed the planets Aeten II and Alderaan, they blockaded the planet of Ralltiir to the point where people began to starve, then there was the Ghorman Massacre; it's when the Empire landed a cruiser right on top of Peaceful protesters, it squashed them all to death. Now I know the Empire used to be the Old Republic, for all you clone wars fans - if I had to pick a side it would be the Old Republic. Plus Venator's look fly too. There the pizza-shaped ship that looks like some took to giant bites out of each side, it sounds weird but they still look fly. If you're a true, hard core Star Wars fan like me you'll know what I'm talking about. Now the Alliance, they got the good ships. The A-wing, that's my favorite ship in the galaxy, then they have the big nice MC luxury Cruisers with giant batteries on them. Now the Empire they have the dark grey triangles. I like triangles it's just I'm not a Empire person. It's horrible what I do to the Empire. One time they had a battalion of troops slowly walking my way but I called in a bombing run why they all got pulverised into the ground, soon after my T4B's rolled over the dead ones without a care in the world, I was just like, ouch and laughed. Who wears plastic into a battlefield anyway? You know I bet it's the helmet that screws up there shooting.

Anyway my inbox has been getting pretty filled up with questions. If I haven't respond to your message yet it just means I haven't reached it yet. I respond to everybodys messages, it's just sometimes it takes awhile. but I'm not a bastard who ignores messages.

I'll answer a few of them on here.
Will I ever release a new update?
If I do it would be sometime next year, hens the most recent update being called "final 2012 update"
But if I get enough people to ask me then yeah I'll release a more new-er one; 'cause I have worked on it a little sense the last relase.

What's on my list of planets?
Yeah I still have my list. Right now it's Cato Neimoidia, Fest, Bakura, Imdaar, and Ord Vauge.
Everytime I pick a planet to add I'll just post my list on the wall and take a dart and throw it at the wall and see what name it lands on.

I'll quote what someone said in this question.
"Please! Please! Please add a Carrack Cruiser! Please?!
This question gave me a laugh, I forgot who asked me this but if you read this I actually though, maybe. 'Cause the Alliance get's 3 types of Corvettes and the Empire only has two so I might add it. Despite liking the Alliance more. I favor balance over favoritism.

Anyway, now I have a question for you guys. What's your favorite planet to battle on, Liberate, conquer... ect.


Nice Larry 3 :) but the Empire only enslaved Wookies because they were going to rebel and then they would be terrorist and only destroyed planets like Alderaan because they worked with the rebellion and they can't have loose ends and if they are protesters we have to run over them that is rule 782 in the Empire book of rules :). Well the Venators were design from Palpatine he ate some pizza and he said,"Woah Woah can you see that,That pizza looks like a cool ship". So that why it was designed like that :).The Empire love triangles (I>) and looking good Larry 3 :).

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Ha ha ha!

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