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This post will tell you why that I'm on break and what I'll be doing during this break. :3

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News for this week:

Hey everyone, sorry to call this out right now, But I'm gonna be taking a short break towards this, since I'll be learning some harder languages like Java,C++,etc. (If I learn at least Java or C++, I can either make it mobile or maybe have it as a console game :D)


. Make the student API
. Make the school entrance level design
. Make the guard API
. Make the outside enterance level design
. Make the Bus design drawing (prototype like all my pixel art XD)
. Make the outside of school design.
. Make simple Bus AI to reach the outside of school.
. Plan out the first floor school building
. Make them hallways <-- Will take forever XD
. Make the classrooms <-- same as this one
. Attempt the "Teacher AI" (Of course, SImple AI and API) <-- also this will take a while

Big Updates

. Make the alpha stage of the student AI and personalities
. Make the alpha stage of teacher, and guard AI
. Lay out the effects in the game (try to learn most of the effects XD)
. Re-Do the whole graphics so that it looks beautiful
. Make the time system (gonna use it for alot of stuff in this version)
. Make the layout of the bus once you get in
. SO MUCH MORE (need to stop writing this before I give myself a headache in the future XD)

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